Top 10 Mentor Skills Your Mentor Should Have

Have you ever considered what personal characteristics and mentor skills you would want in a mentor? Everyone who is successful has had at least one mentor, probably more over time. Sometimes you might be lucky enough to just kind of slip into a mentor-mentee relationship without even realizing it’s happening. But often, you want to choose a mentor to help you with something specific. So do you know what to look for in that mentor? Here are my top 10 tips to help you successfully choose your best mentor ever.

Your Personal Relationship Matters

1. Your mentor must be someone you respect. You want to model your mentor—to step into his shoes and speak and act as he would speak and act in any given situation. You won’t want to take on his characteristics if you don’t respect him.

2. The know, like and trust factor has to be there. Just like your clients need to feel safe with you, you need to trust your mentor in order to be willing to follow her lead.

3. Be mentored by someone who is an innovator. Innovation is one of the clues to mastery in a subject, and also allows space for growth and creativity.

4. Your mentor must be willing and able to spot your weak points and figure out how to help you strengthen them or work around them.

Mentor Skills To Look for

5. Make sure your mentor is experienced in what you want to do. Just knowing how isn’t enough. He should have been through it all himself.

6. Your mentor’s skills and business should still be growing. If they aren’t, he may be out of date, bored or unenthusiastic and it will be hard to maintain your own excitement.

7. His mentor skills, knowledge and abilities draw other people who want to learn from him.

8. He is probably a leader in his field.

9. She will have a systematic plan for succeeding and to help you make progress and succeed.

10. She is a magnet for interesting, amazing and productive people and will include you in that circle.

Consider carefully who you want as a mentor. Mentor skills are important, but equally important is the bond you will form and the opportunity to learn from, spend time with and have a lifelong relationship with someone cheering you on in your business.

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Dorine G. Kramer
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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