How to Steer Clear of a Disaster Assessment Coaching Session

Assessment Coaching had been on my “to do list” since day one of starting my personal journey to become a life coach. I don’t mean leading a client through an assessment coaching session, I mean getting one for me. Assessment Coaching And Why we Love it It is probably our ego that thrives on the attention of being analyzed by professionals. Oh yes, I could not wait! My favorite part of my job is the unlimited access to other coaching professionals who can help me to better my life. So I … [Read more...]

Assessment Coaching: Key to Hiring & Team Building

Whether you are building your own team or coaching a CEO, assessment coaching can be your secret weapon. Assessments, properly administered and interpreted, can almost instantly get you inside of peoples’ heads. So whether you are hiring or helping people perform as a highly effective unit, assessments can be the key to your success in coaching. Here are three insights that assessments can provide. What Is Your Style? Assessment instruments can give insights into Behavioral Style, Values and … [Read more...]