How to Steer Clear of a Disaster Assessment Coaching Session

Assessment Coaching had been on my “to do list” since day one of starting my personal journey to become a life coach. I don’t mean leading a client through an assessment coaching session, I mean getting one for me.

Assessment Coaching And Why we Love it

It is probably our ego that thrives on the attention of being analyzed by professionals. Oh yes, I could not wait! My favorite part of my job is the unlimited access to other coaching professionals who can help me to better my life. So I volunteered my time to receive an assessment coaching. I didn’t stop there; I invited my fiancé to receive a relationship assessment coaching from a friend who was in his coaches training. Boy did I learn first hand how an assessment coaching can go wrong.

What is an Assessment Coaching?

An assessment evaluates a person, place, thing or situation. An assessment coaching compares your results against the standard. It offers you information so you can identify healthy or productive changes you might incorporate to increase productivity in you life.

Assessments are most effective when you go over your results with a trained professional. Many coaches now specialize in Assessment Coaching. A coach will help you to evaluate what the information is telling you and how you can begin to make small shifts in your life to increase performance in your career, relationships and within yourself.

Assessment Coaching Domains

Abilities/Skills- these types of assessments are best used for job placement and discovering your optimum performance.

Personality/Style- important assessment to consider when evaluating future performance an emotional stability.

Interests/Values- useful in determining satisfaction, commitment and level of engagement.

Health/Well Being- understanding your personal level of stress and how you balance is found through assessment coaching around your health.

Coaches Must Never Get Lost in The Pages

Disaster struck in my relationship assessment coaching session. Two hours in my fiancé and I realized our coach was reading off of the pages, word for word. We could have done that on our own and enjoyed the time together.

It is very important for coaches to review the assessments before the session. Familiarize yourself with the likes and differences of the partners and their assessments.
You will want to be fully present in the session. Listening and playing in the moment with the results is the fun of assessment coaching.
See if you can apply the information from the assessment to the conversation and current challenges of your client or the couple.

We asked our coach how our way of communicating was different and how we might utilize what we have learned in a disagreement. At that point he read back to us what the assessment noted about our communication styles. Hello? We can read. This was an opportunity to really coach us through a conversation and utilize the information and tools the assessment provided. A coach becomes valuable in a coaching session when working with the client to understand and implement change immediately.

If you are looking for an assessment coach or want to conduct a session please take your eyes off the page and look for active presence. My disaster assessment coaching lead me to believe a coach who engages with the client, versus the words of the page, is the key ingredient to transformational results from assessment coaching.

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Jeannine Yoder
Life Coach
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    Having just become certified as a Passion Test Facilitator my wife and I are still learning the material. Knowing the information takes some time so that you don’t sound like you’re reading. There is one point in the one on one sessions that I like the way the paragraphs are written and I will tell a client that I’m going to read the these paragraphs because they are so well written. At least then they are prepped for me sounding like I’m reading… because I am.

    In Clarity and Success,


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