Coaching for Leadership – A Question of Nurture Over Nature?

Is coaching for leadership possible? There is a saying that leaders are made not born, but you’ll also hear the phrase, “natural-born leader.” So, what is it – nature or nurture? Can you coach for leadership, or does someone have to have the right genes to become a leader? Coaching for Leadership – the Book You can buy a book titled: Coaching for Leadership: How the World’s Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn, by Robert Witherspoon. The book is a collection of writings on executive … [Read more...]

Executive Coaching Combined with Mindful Leadership Coaching Means Better Coaching

Mindful leadership coaching is paying attention in the moment and seeing things the way they are. It’s about coaching with a quiet mind and helping your clients improve their ability to make decisions with a quiet mind. Leadership and Paying Attention Good leadership is mostly about paying attention – to the environment, the people, the places, and the present. Mindful leaders will pay attention and take in as much information and data as possible before making a decision. To do this, they … [Read more...]

Leadership Team Development and Identifying the Right Key Accountabilities

Coaching leadership team development is one of the best ways to attract high level clients to your business coaching practice. There are a few key components of effective and successful leadership and team development coaching that will help you find the outcomes your clients are seeking. Why Key Accountabilities Matter To Team Development Key accountabilities are: A reason a job exists A result that is critical to an individual performing a job well. A result that someone … [Read more...]

The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching For Every Coach and Every Client

The art and practice of leadership coaching is about bringing leadership coaching into your coaching practice, no matter what type of coach you are. People often associate leadership coaching with executive coaches or business coaches because they work with clients who manage others. However, leadership coaching is effective for all clients no matter what type of coach they need. Everyone who seeks out the services of a coach can use some help in being a better leader. Whether the client … [Read more...]

The Leadership Interactions of Counseling, Coaching, and Mentoring

Understanding the leadership interactions of counseling, coaching, and mentoring can help boost your coaching career. Knowing the difference between counseling, coaching, and mentoring can help you implement all of these in you coaching practice. Knowing how they relate to leadership can help you find more successful outcomes for more clients. Leadership The leadership interactions of counseling, coaching, and mentoring begins with leadership. Leadership doesn't have a one-size-fits-all … [Read more...]

Searching for Transformational Leadership Coaching -Virginia Beach?

Have you been searching for transformational leadership coaching – Virginia Beach? If so, you have probably found Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach. Are you wondering what they do? Are you wondering if they can help you achieve your goals and dreams? What is Transformational Leadership Coaching – Virginia Beach? Transformational Leadership Coaching is a personal coaching practice located in Virginia Beach. It’s been in business since 2002. The Facebook page for … [Read more...]

What is Situational Leadership Training

What is situational leadership training and how does it apply to coaching? Situational leadership is a framework for employee and managerial development that goes above and beyond normal group leadership. It teaches leaders to recognize the needs of an individual or team and then use the appropriate leadership style for each situation, individual, or group. Leadership in Today's World In today's global and highly competitive world, all leaders, whether at the lower levels, or at the … [Read more...]

Do You Have a Leadership Coaching Psychology?

Leadership coaching psychology is about the framework in which you work with clients to develop their leadership potential. It's all about helping today's leaders build a better tomorrow. 3 Key Components to a Successful Leadership Coaching Psychology Goals In any type of coaching, goals have to be clearly delineated. What does the client want? What do they want to achieve? Where do they want to be in one year, five years, ten years? This means that the identification, clarification, … [Read more...]

What is the Value of Leadership Coaching?

Do you know the value of leadership coaching? Does it matter? Well, it certainly matters if you are in a position of authority. Are you an executive, a business owner, a supervisor of employees, or a coach? If you are in one of these positions, or any number of other positions, you definitely need to know the value of leadership coaching. What is Leadership Coaching? In short, leadership coaching is about helping to create leaders. The longer answer is that leadership coaches help build … [Read more...]

What is Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching?

Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching  is a biblically-grounded approach to coaching which is aimed at providing Christian leaders with the tools needed to help their congregations be better prepared to receive the word of God and find their calling in the name of God. A Valwood Christian Leadership Coaching Certification The process to become certified through Valwood, begins with the course, Introduction to Christian Leadership Coaching. This online course focuses on insights into the … [Read more...]