Mark Driscoll Leadership Coaching: Videos for Leaders

Mark Driscoll Leadership Coaching is a free online subscription service which contains videos of Pastor Mark Driscoll discussing ideas about leadership. You can find the website at It’s easy to sign up – they do ask for a small amount of personal information, but no credit card needed!

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching

Who is Mark Driscoll?

Mark Driscoll is the former lead pastor of the Mars Hill Church, but fell from grace after allegations surfaced of misuse of church monies, intimidation of church leaders, coercive behavior, and misogynist views.

It’s possible that these allegations will stop many people from taking a look at his videos and learning more about Mark Driscoll leadership coaching. However, it is also possible that he is attempting to atone for his alleged sins and is offering some good information about being a leader. It’s free, so it can’t hurt to take a look at his website and his videos. For those in the coaching profession, it might also be worth a look – you might learn something new!

Mark has also written a few books that might provide good introductory information on his views and beliefs. These books include:

  • Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together
  • Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe
  • Who Do You Think You Are?: Finding Your True Identity in Christ
  • Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions

Mark Driscoll Leadership Coaching – Videos

The videos have a Christian theme and are perfect for Christian leaders and other Christians who want to learn more about being a leader within the context of Christian values. These Mark Driscoll leadership coach videos cover many topics – dealing with critics, staying connected to family and friends, how to lead an organization, and how to help people find the best ways to serve God.

Here are a few of the titles you can find on Mark Driscoll Leadership Coaching at

  • Hard Lessons from Judas
  • How to Learn from Failure Without Gossiping
  • Principles vs. Methods
  • Complete vs. Compete
  • Every Team Needs a Leader
  • Weird Teams Make the Best Teams
  • Pray First and Pray Like You Mean It
  • Leading from the 3 Themes of the Bible
  • Fatherly Leadership
  • Stuff Doesn’t Roll Downhill, it Rolls Uphill
  • Working Hours vs. Producing Results

If you’re a Christian coach, Mark Driscoll’s website might provide you with new information about coaching leadership in a faith-based framework. There will also be research briefs prepared by academics on his site. Topics may include spirituality, sexuality, marriage and divorce, and spiritual ideas for younger people. The site contains plenty of information and is well worth the price – free!

More Knowledge Equals Better Coaching

Coaching is a tough gig, and Christian coaching can be even more difficult. Knowledge is power, and the more knowledge you possess, the more you will be able to be a powerful coach for your clients. Mark Driscoll Leadership Coaching website and videos is another place to learn more about Christian coaching and possibly find new ideas and strategies to use with your clients.

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