Coaching Works Best in a “Loop”

Coaches that enroll clients easily have one thing in common:

The client sees that coach as ‘ahead of them’.

I’ve enrolled 410 coaching clients (that I can count) over the past decade.

EVERY one of those enrollments felt something like:

  • I was ahead of them in an important area.
  • I knew more than they did about something critical.
  • I had skills and resources that they were missing.
  • I could shorten their learning curve.
  • I had overcome all the obstacles they wanted to avoid.

Chances are, you think I’m somehow ‘ahead of you’ (in my coaching business, etc.)…

…or you wouldn’t even read this email.

In last week’s email, I shared 4 ways to stay the ‘Esteemed Coach’ while working directly with your clients:

  2. Don’t let clients see you “sweat”.
  3. Speak in ways that build esteem.
  4. Set and keep your boundaries.

These 4 are also subtle ways to communicate that you’re ‘ahead’ of your client.

And they work.

If you want to be ‘the esteemed coach’…then you’ve got to walk your talk.

(But I left out the most critical factor.)

What’s the simplest way to show your client that you’re ahead of them?


How do you stay ahead of your potential clients (for real)?

Make real progress in your own life, business, etc..

When you make progress, it creates a ‘ripple effect’ for your potential clients.

Like dropping a pebble into a pond…

drop ripples

You follow your own coaching and elevate your accomplishments

…and then you assist clients.

They keep up with you

…you don’t stop for them.

Otherwise, you are not leading your client…

…your client is leading you.

BOTTOM LINE: Changing your life for the better will attract potential clients that want to change their life.

And, Changing your FINANCES for the better will attract potential clients that want to change their FINANCES.

And the same with your relationships

And your body

ANY area you’re changing for the better…

…will attract clients who want that.

If you want to be ‘the esteemed coach’…

…then you’ve got to walk your talk.

Be the “Ripple Effect Maker”.

Coaching loop

Use the 3 step Ripple Effect Maker process:

1. Learn: Keep learning 1 hour a day.

Keep learning and growing your coaching expertise.

If you invest 1 hour per day in studying the subject you coach on….

…you will have the equivalent of a college degree (in that subject) in 3 years.

…you’ll be a “world renowned expert“ in 5 years.

Study your main coaching subject daily.

2. APPLY: Take action on what you learned.

The more real progress you make…

…the more value you can add to clients.

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3. TEACH: Coach clients that aren’t as far along.

No matter where you are on your journey…

…you’re ahead of SOMEONE.

Those ‘laggards’ are perfect clients for you.

Coaches who complain that they can’t find clients ‘good enough’...

…are usually waiting around to work with someone they won’t be very valuable for.

…and most of them have NO CLIENTS.

Don’t get caught up in that trap.

Coaching works best in a “loop”.

You get coached and get better results in YOUR life.

You coach OTHERS and they get better results in THEIR life.

Your coaching others motivates YOU to get EVEN BETTER results in YOUR life…

…which gives you even more insights for helping clients improve THEIR results.

Your coaching others motivates YOU to get EVEN BETTER results in YOUR life…which gives you even more insights for helping clients improve THEIR results.


Your getting coached

…and your coaching others

  1. creates synergy in your life, and…
  2. causes you to be a Ripple Effect Maker in the lives of others.

Not sure you can stay ahead of your clients?

Experiencing self doubt?

Feeling a lack of self-esteem?

If so, I can relate.

Everyone has doubts and lacks self esteem, to SOME degree, including me.

T Harv Eker said “Every master was once a disaster.”

Even if you FEEL like a ‘disaster’…

…you can start today and end up a ‘master’.

No coach is more talented than you.

No coach is smarter than you.

You have more than enough talent and smarts to become an esteemed coach.

EVERY coach who is esteemed and respected now…

…didn’t know that the coaching profession even existed… at first.

The only solution?

For you as a coach to get BETTER.

EVERY coach has to start somewhere.

That ‘somewhere’ for YOU…

…is wherever you are right now.

I’m cheering you on!

You can do it.

The good news?

Coaching isn’t about YOU…

…but YOU are the VESSEL that ‘transmits’ the coaching.

So make yourself a great vessel for coaching.

And then get back to focusing on your client.

Kristoffer “‘Ripple Effect Maker” Thompson

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