Why is Your Client Uncoachable?

Where do you draw a line in the sand… ...when it comes to whether or not your client is coachable? If a client paid you for coaching… ...they are, by definition, coachable. At least that’s what I believe. Some clients are a blast to coach… ...and almost effortless to make a difference for. But what about the clients who miss their calls... ...show up late... ...don’t take action... ...complain and argue with you? These clients are so tough, that when you end the … [Read more...]

Personal Coaching, Training for Success

The world is a very competitive place and a personal coach can help motivate and inspire their clients; personal coaching, training for success in a competitive world. Whether a client desires improvement in athletics, health, relationships, career, or life in general, a personal coach can help their clients identify goals, determine the best possible course to reach those goals, and inspire them to achieve greatness as they realize their dreams. Personal coaching, training for success involves … [Read more...]

A Surprise Personal Coaching Training From My Mother-In-Law

  Who loves to get personal coaching training from their mother-in-law? I admit I have a rare relationship with my mother-in-law. I don't think of her as the stereotype, she is more like a hero. Today she got an award with a crowd of 500 people giving her a standing ovation for one of her lifetime achievements in contributing to the lives of others. It made me realize that many coaches would love to be in her shoes, and that she is highly qualified to provide personal coach … [Read more...]