What A Career Coach Does: Part III – Discussing Career Options

What a Career Coach Does: The Steps So Far1

In the last two days, you have read about what a Career Coach does in the first two steps to a satisfied coaching client in the career coaching process.  First, take a detailed career history.  Second, collect other information in a variety of ways to round out the picture of what your client envisions as her perfect career, what you intuit about her, her style, and her underlying needs and wishes, objective information about her behavioral comfort and discomfort zones, and the values that underlie her decisions and action choices.  Those two steps give you the information you need to diagnose the pain the “ca-rear” that brought your client to you in the first place.  Now it’s time to go back to your client and discuss what you have found out so far.

What a Career Coach Does: Step Three – Discuss Options1

What a Career Coach does at this point is to put all the information you have together and have a discussion about it all with your client.  By now, you now have a lot of historical information directly from your client.  You have your client’s vision of an ideal career and you have your intuitive sense about your client and his needs and wishes regarding his career.  Plus you may have the objective assessment results to help you clarify and identify discrepancies between what your client thinks she wants and the realities of her experiences so far.  This is the time for you to discuss with your client any inconsistencies in things she has said.  Maybe something worked really well in one career setting but didn’t work in another.  You want to explore that and find out what the difference was between the two settings.  Maybe something turned up on the assessments that seems contradictory to some information that your client gave you about herself.  Why?  What’s really going on?  This is your time to make sure that you and your client are on the same wavelength about what works, what she wants, where she would like to be a year, five years, ten years down the road.

When you’ve looked at all the confusing or conflicting information and resolved it to your and your client’s satisfaction, you are ready to do the final step in what a Career Coach does–Step four–make recommendations.  You’ll find out more about that tomorrow.  Be sure to check tomorrow’s blog post!

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