Career Coaching: Would You Like To Know What A Career Coach Does?

Interested in starting a career coaching business but don’t know what a career coach does? A lot more people would be interested in starting a career coaching business if they knew what a career coach does. So many people don’t know what they want to do for a career. Because they don’t know what they want to do they stay where they are. By staying in a job that’s not for them they never achieve their career goals. Ironically, part of what a career coach does is to help people figure out what they want to do.

What A Career Coach Does: Help Clients Discover What Career They Want

When you think about what a career coach does, think of a wedding. If you’ve ever been married consider this question: When you planned your wedding, did you write down your goals? You probably did. Do you believe that effort increased the chance that your wedding plans would happen? You probably do. Without the written plan, the chances are your wedding would not have turned out the way you wanted. It is the same with career coaching. Without being clear on what career a client wants, no amount of career coaching will ever get them there. They need career coaching to figure out what career they want.

Career Coaching: Put The Client On The Path To The Career They Want

We have taken the first step to learn what a career coach does. The first step in career coaching is to help the client set a goal of what career they want. The next step is to help the client follow that direction. If a client has a goal of being the top real estate agent in their area, what a career coach does is to point them in the right direction. If they want to be the top real estate agent, should they have a job as a receptionist? No, they would need to get a job as a real estate agent. The client expects this type of career coaching and guidance from you as their career coach.

Career coaching is about helping clients get on the right path to achieve their career goals. Most clients have never had a coach to help them think about what career they want and write it down. Written goals with a written action plan is a big part of what a career coach does.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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