Personal Career Coach: Help Your Career Coaching Clients Learn What They Really Want To Do With Their Life

In your career coaching practice as a personal career coach, you must help your clients learn what they want to do with their life. The more time your personal career coach client takes to decide their career goals, the better off you both will be. For you, it will make it faster and easier to reach your client. For them, it will help your career coaching client to take the actions every day that will result in their ideal career.

Have Your Personal Career Coach Client Do Some Soul-Searching in their Career Coaching

Your personal career coach client, has probably never really asked himself or herself this question seriously: “What do I really want to do with my life?” They might be afraid to. The question doesn’t usually create a quick answer, so your career coaching client has likely avoided asking it. Regardless, they need to take the time to do so. Have your client go somewhere quiet, somewhere they can take some time to think, and write down their thoughts on this question in a journal.

Your client needs to be very selfish in this process. They need to imagine an ideal career situation and completely ignore what their current job is. Have your career coaching client determine exactly what would make them the happiest, and give them the greatest satisfaction in their career. If it helps, ask them to write down the reasons why they sought the help of a personal career coach in the first place.

Have Your Personal Career Coach Client “Waive A Magic Wand” in Their Career Coaching

Have your personal career coach client, ask themselves another question: “If I could waive a magic wand over my career and make it perfect. What would it look like?” In imagining this your career coaching client should feel they have no limitations at all. They have all the time, education, money, knowledge and skills to make this career a reality. They have all the business contacts and talent to create the career of their dreams.

The key is to free them mentally from the job they have. Your career coaching client needs to do this so they can free themselves from their limiting beliefs about what is possible in their career. If you as their personal career coach, help them to see the possibilities, you will have given them the opportunity to change their life forever.

Kris Thompson
JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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