Coaching For Business: 3 Tips From Lion Tamers

Coaching for business is a lot like herding cats. Entrepreneurs are a rambunctious group who like to call their own shots. Just like cats, however, there are some coaching tips that can help you make a difference in their business without getting scratched up. 3 Strategies You Can Implement Immediately 1.Make sure you manage your own emotions. People who like to lead can be blunt. If you take things personally when they aren’t meant that way, you’ll be eaten for breakfast. You need to manage … [Read more...]

Coaching for Business: The Four Seasons for Growing a Business

Coaching for business growth is not necessarily predicable.  What is predictable for many businesses is that they struggle for years, business owners are merely the employees that get paid last.  Their businesses never become the vehicles they dream will bring financial independence.  These business owners are a step up from slavery.   With coaching, however, even a stagnant business can turn around in a short time with a few keys. Coaching for Business Basics for Success Season #1:  Plowing … [Read more...]

Business Coaching: What Coaching For Business Professionals Will Improve Productivity The Most?

What coaching for business professionals in your business coaching practice will boost productivity the most?  The important thing with coaching for business professionals is to keep them focused.   With economic problems around the world it is important to get the most production out of every business day.  In your business coaching practice how do you go about keeping your clients focused and productive every day? Business Coaching:  Teach Your Client To Plan Each Business Day In Writing … [Read more...]