Business Coaching: What Coaching For Business Professionals Will Improve Productivity The Most?

What coaching for business professionals in your business coaching practice will boost productivity the most?  The important thing with coaching for business professionals is to keep them focused.   With economic problems around the world it is important to get the most production out of every business day.  In your business coaching practice how do you go about keeping your clients focused and productive every day?

Business Coaching:  Teach Your Client To Plan Each Business Day In Writing Before The Day Starts

In business coaching and coaching for business professionals, you need to help your client take each day in small pieces.  We get overwhelmed in life when we think about all the things we think we have to do.  The best coaching for business professionals is for them to plan each business day in writing BEFORE the business day starts.  You need to teach your clients to plan their work, and work their plan.  Your client will be most productive when they follow their daily plan.

The most necessary coaching for business professionals is prioritizing their activities.  First, your business coaching client needs to plan their business day in writing.  After that they need to determine what activities are the most productive activities to spend time doing.

Use The “Pareto Principle” To Prioritize Your Business Coaching Clients Daily List Of Things To Do

You should use a business coaching principle called the “Pareto Principle”.  The Pareto Principle is that 20% of activities produce 80% of the results.  Coach your client to list all the activities they have to achieve.  Once they have the list of activities together they would use the Pareto Principle to prioritize the list, taking ten activities and focusing your client on the two most productive activities that must be completed that day.  If your client does this every day they will be one of the most productive people in the world.

Kris Thompson

JTS Advisors Strategy Coach

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