Coaching for Business: The Four Seasons for Growing a Business

Coaching for business growth is not necessarily predicable.  What is predictable for many businesses is that they struggle for years, business owners are merely the employees that get paid last.  Their businesses never become the vehicles they dream will bring financial independence.  These business owners are a step up from slavery.   With coaching, however, even a stagnant business can turn around in a short time with a few keys.

Coaching for Business Basics for Success

Season #1:  Plowing the Fields

Your client works in their business on a daily basis.  This is the most labor-intensive period.   Coaching for business owners during this season includes helping your clients develop a clear vision to sustain them through the obstacles they must face, usually alone, at this time.  It is the testing ground for future automation.  The sooner you can help your clients get through this season the better, but it can take years.

Season 2:  Help on the Way

Your client begins to see what works and what doesn’t, and is able to begin to outsource some of the more menial tasks.  The trial and effort from the first stage allows your client to create procedure manuals so anyone can contribute with minimal training.

Season 3:  Deferring the Celebration

This is the point where coaching for business can make the greatest long-term impact.  During this season your coaching clients feel they have earned the right to celebrate.  They may blow all of their assets to buy a new car or home, or take a big owner’s draw.   If you are encouraging your business clients to celebrate along the way, this stage season can be weathered more easily.  The capital they have earned needs to be re-invested for the next stage to occur.  Otherwise they are doomed to live between the first two seasons.

Season 4:  Re-investing

During this season, your clients need to re-invest their time and financial resources to get to the next level.  Coaching for business in this season requires you to let your clients know that they are at the final push to the next plateau.  This is often the business ‘wall’ that is akin to the marathon ‘wall’ runners face a few miles short of the finish.  Many business owners never make it through this season, because they don’t know how close they are to the next stage.  If they make it through this season, they’ll have the basis for a sustainable future.  Now is the time to re-invest resources to make their business more automated via technologies or outsourcing.

Eyes For The Future

With these basic stages of coaching for business covered, your client will now have a future paced view of the business.  The path to success doesn’t look like a staircase, but more like a seasonal pattern of periods of hard work, growth, and even slower times.  Using these keys, your business should see many of these seasons during its lifetime.

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Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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