How to Customize Your Coaching

Have you ever been upset when you were treated just like everyone else? Someone tried to give you things you didn’t need… ...and only a tiny bit of what you actually wanted? Me too. A one-size-fits-all approach never sat well with me. Why do so many coaches look for cookie cutter methods? Why do they want one approach to work with every client? You need to customize your approach to each client. Every client is unique. Every client is unique." Start customizing your … [Read more...]

What Does It Take to be a Life Coach?

What does it take to be a life coach? Well, it’s both easy and difficult. It’s both quick and painless and lengthy and filled with hard work. Getting Started as a Life Coach Because there are no legal requirements to become a life coach, the minimal required is just to call yourself a life coach. Hang out a shingle, print a business card, or just call yourself a life coach…and you are a life coach! Okay…all joking aside, what does it take to be a life coach, really? Though you can … [Read more...]