Become A Coach Clients Flock To By Always Having This

If you had to pick one quality or virtue you must have when you become a coach, what would you pick? Would it be honesty? Compassion? Business savvy? Well, for me the one indispensable quality is integrity. Without it, the services of the most knowledgeable, compassionate guru coach in the world will just make you feel like you need to take a shower. So What Is Integrity Really? Integrity comes from the Latin word for wholeness or completeness. It has several meanings, including acting … [Read more...]

How To Kill Your Coaching Practice With Just 2 Words

When you started your coaching practice, I bet you wanted it to succeed big time, right? How's it doing? Are you drawing the clients you anticipated? Are you bringing in enough income to leave your full time soul-sucking job? No? Well, check your vocabulary. See if you are using “killer” language, in the good sense of the word, or if you are killing your practice by using words that tell your mind you really don't intend to succeed. Trying Doesn't Lead To Success In Your Coaching … [Read more...]

3 Life Coach Business Forms You Need For Protection

There are no standard life coach business forms, just as there is no standard life coach training. In most places, you don't actually need any kind of certification or license to have a life coaching business, but that doesn't mean you should just blithely start coaching clients without any kind of paperwork. Obviously you should make sure you know what, if any, requirements exist in your country or your area. But even if there is no requirement beyond what you need to run a business, it's a … [Read more...]