Do You Need Accredited Life Coach Certification?

Do you need an accredited life coach certification? Well, if you want to become an accountant, a doctor, or a nuclear physicist, then no, you don’t need an accredited life certification. But, if you want to become a life coach…you need it!

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Is a Certification Needed to be a Life Coach?

There are no legal requirements to be certified if you want to enter the life coaching profession. It’s like the Wild West out there. Want to be a coach…just hang out a sign and call yourself a life coach. But, as the field gets more and more crowded and the competition increases, being certified will become more and more crucial to your success.

You want to be a good coach…right? Well, taking an accredited coaching program will help you learn the skills necessary to become a good coach. It will also help you learn the skills need to run a successful coaching practice.

What an Accredited Life Coach Certification Says to Potential Clients

Your accredited life coaching certification is much more than a piece of paper you can hang on your office wall. It says to any potential clients that you have taken the time to learn the information and skills needed to be successful in your profession. It says to them that you just may have what it takes to help them.

An accredited life coach certification gives a potential client confidence in your coaching abilities and it allows them to trust your skillset. The certification won’t automatically make you a successful coach, but it will open up doors for you on your journey to success.

Be Careful of Accredited Coaching Schools

Now that I’ve told you that having an accredited life coach certification is important, I’m going to tell you to watch out for accredited coaching programs. No – I’m not trying to confuse you, I’m trying to help you get the right accreditation.

Because the coaching profession lacks regulation and universal legal standards, coaching schools also operate on their own terms. Many coaching programs use accreditation as a marketing tool to lure in potential customers. They sometimes use this to charge excessive rates.

The best way to avoid low quality coaching programs is to only look for ones that have been accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF). The ICF is one of the largest governing bodies in the coaching profession and only accredits programs that meet its high standards. Coaches across the globe recognize the ICF as an industry leader and turn to it for help with training and education.

Here are a few additional ways, besides looking for the ICF accreditation, to ensure that a coaching program is the right fit for you:

  • • Read student testimonials
    • Network with coaches to gather information on a program’s reputation.
    • Ensure that the program meets your scheduling and time needs.
    • Contact the school to see if they respond promptly.
    • Verify that the program covers the basics of what you need, including coaching skills, mentor coaching, and running a coaching business.
    • Look for a program that teaches within your desired target market or niche.

Once you finish your coaching program, get a nice frame, and pick the perfect spot to hang that accredited life coach certification on your office wall. You may not need it to open a life coaching business, but it will certainly look nice, and it will definitely help you attract and retain clients.

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  1. Karen says

    I would say getting a certification as a life coach is a plus factor. It always pays to do things the right way.

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