How Much is Good Relationship Coach Salary?

What is a good relationship coach salary? It depends – how’s that for a definitive answer? But, it does depend on many factors, and can be as varied as the coaches who earn the salary.

Relationship Coach

Relationship Coach Salary or Income

First of all, most relationship coaches work for themselves and they may think of the money they make as income, not salary. But you say potato, and I say “potahto.” It’s all money you earn from helping clients with their relationship issues. It’s all money in your pocket, no matter what you call it!

Factors That Determine a Relationship Coach Salary

  • Fees – what you charge per hour, session, or group of sessions
    Location – in different areas across the country, fees vary
    Specialty – some specialties may be able to charge higher fees
    Experience – rookies start out on the lower end of the salary spectrum
    Number of clients – yes, this is basic math – more clients equals more income.
    Employed or self-employed – if employed, your salary will depend on what your employer will pay you; if self-employed, your salary will depend on your ability to obtain and retain clients.
    Alternate streams of income – book deals, DVDs, webinars, seminars, etc.

So – How Much Can a Relationship Coach Make?

You remember my answer from above – it depends. Guess what – that is still the answer. But now we know a few of the things on which a relationship coach salary depends.

According to SimplyHired, an online job website, the average salary for life and relationship coaches is $68,000. According to, life coaches (which can include relationship coaches) earn a median wage of $35.29 per hour. The hourly rate ranges from $11.14 to $125.28; the yearly salary ranges from $24,544 to $211,764. They state that geography and tenure have the most impact on salaries.

Setting Your Coaching Fees

Those figures above are most likely for jobs – not for self-employed coaches. Most coaches need to determine their fees when they open their practice. It is logical that new coaches set their fees lower while more experienced coaches can charge higher fees. But, it is important not to start with fees that are too low. Lower fees create a perception of lower value or less quality.

You can set your fees by the session, the month, or by a set package. It can be a good marketing tool to offer all three. Some clients may just want to sign up for one session at a time, others may like the advantage of a discount when paying by the month, while others may see value in a package ( 3-months, 6-months at a reduced rate). It is up to you to determine what works for you when considering your expenses (office rent, marketing, travel, business administration, etc.)

How Much is a Good Relationship Coach Salary?

There is no way to get past the initial answer to this question – it depends. It depends on where you are, who you are, what you are, and how long you’ve been who you are.

Setting your fees, or making a decision on being hired at a specific salary are crucial decisions in your relationship coach career. Relationship coach salaries vary widely, and you must make very specific choices if you want to earn the best possible relationship coach salary.

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