What Does Leadership Coaching Mean to Santa Claus?

In the spirit of Christmas and in the context of a coaching blog, let me pose the question: What does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus? Why talk about leadership coaching and Santa Claus in the same sentence? Because, being Santa Claus is not an easy gig and he must have some leadership qualities that we all can learn from. What does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus? Let’s put on our red and white thinking hats and see what we can figure out! It’s Not Easy Being Santa … [Read more...]

What is Work/Life Balance Coaching?

Here's a new niche for coaches – work/life balance coaching. Well, it may not be a completely new niche as this is basically what life coaches have been doing for years – helping their clients balance their personal and professional lives. Call Yourself a Work/Life Balance Coach Yes – you are a life coach and you work with clients on balancing their careers with their personal lives. Why not set yourself apart from the rest of the life coaches and just call yourself a work/life balance … [Read more...]

What Requirements are Needed to Become a Highly Successful Life Coach?

If you are thinking of getting into the life coach field, you may be asking the question: What requirements are needed to become a life coach? You may be wondering if you need to go to school or if you need some special skills to make it in the industry. Most people who consider coaching as a profession wonder about two categories of needs: • Educational requirements • Personality and character requirements What requirements are needed to be a life coach and are they tough to … [Read more...]

How Wealth Coaching Will Help You Become Wealthy

Wealth coaching is for everyone. One percenters. The forty-seven percent. Everyone can use a little wealth coaching. If you are not one of the 1%, you will really benefit from the use of a wealth coach. Who knows…a wealth coach may even help you become wealthy! What is a Wealth Coach? A wealth coach is someone who has been trained in all financial areas and will help you change bad financial behaviors and maximize positive opportunities. A good money coach will help you eliminate debt, … [Read more...]

Xcel Performance Executive Coaching

Xcel Performance Executive Coaching is associated with Collins Alliance, a boutique coaching and consulting company that serves a wide variety of industries. Whether it's health care, information technology, the legal field, the automotive industry, higher education, or many others, Collins Alliance and Xcel Performance Executive Coaching is a one stop shop for all your executive coaching needs. Who is Xcel Performance Executive Coaching? The who behind Xcel and Collins Alliance is Dr. … [Read more...]

What Does a Fitness Coach Do?

What does a fitness coach do? If you are thinking about hiring a fitness coach, it's good to know what to expect before spending some of your hard earned cash. What Does a Fitness Coach Do? A fitness coach, sometimes called a fitness instructor, and other times referred to as a personal trainer, helps their clients learn how to lead healthier lives through the power of fitness. Many fitness coaches are also knowledgeable about nutrition and help clients learn how to eat right. The 5 Steps … [Read more...]

6 Ways an Atlanta Career Coach Can Help Get Your Career Started

An Atlanta career coach just might be worth hiring if you are seeking employment in the metro Atlanta area. Nearly 30,000 students will be graduating with an undergraduate degree from metro Atlanta colleges and the University of Georgia in Athens. That will mean thousands of people on a job search! All these new job seekers will be competing for jobs with hordes of others looking to change employment or switch careers. An Atlanta career coach might be just the ticket needed to get your … [Read more...]

90 Day Business Coaching to Get Your Coaching Business Going

Get your coaching business going with a 90-day business coaching plan that will get things off to a great start. Will 90 days be enough to take your business from zero to sixty and have it flying down the highway of success? Perhaps – perhaps not. But, 90 days will be enough time to put you on the entrance ramp to the success highway. What is a 90 Day Business Coaching Plan? The 90-day business coaching plan is a series of steps to get your business up and running within 90 days. It may … [Read more...]