What is Work/Life Balance Coaching?

Here’s a new niche for coaches – work/life balance coaching. Well, it may not be a completely new niche as this is basically what life coaches have been doing for years – helping their clients balance their personal and professional lives.

Life Coaching

Call Yourself a Work/Life Balance Coach

Yes – you are a life coach and you work with clients on balancing their careers with their personal lives. Why not set yourself apart from the rest of the life coaches and just call yourself a work/life balance coach?

Work/Life Balance Coaching is Hot

People still want to make money. They still want to earn enough to buy a nice home, own a great new car, fund their college and retirement accounts, go on a few luxury vacations, and have enough to buy the necessities and a few luxuries.

But, most people have come to realize the importance of actually having a life outside of work. Many people are wondering if there is more to life than just working. Is there some higher purpose? Many people have dreams and goals beyond their careers. This is where you, the life coach comes in. This is where you become a work/life balance coach.

Work/Life Balance Coaching Can be Your Brand

Today, brands are everything. The big companies have been doing it for years – it’s time for the little guy to get branded.

Everyone has a chance to build upon their experience, their training, and their skills. Everyone has a chance to be brand worthy.

Think of the Internet. There are millions of websites – how do they get noticed? They get exposure through advertising, article marketing, and email marketing campaigns. But, once they have this exposure, how to they really grab someone? They have a brand, a tagline, a quick synopsis of what they will do for their clients.

Work/Life Balance Coaching Can be Your Niche

It’s your brand and it can be your niche. It’s not a typical niche – the usual niche narrows your target market and makes you a big fish in a small pond. However, using work/life balance as your niche will allow you to remain in the same big pond all life coaches swim and feed in, but make you much more noticeable to the ones doing the fishing (the clients). You will be the pretty fish, the one who garners all the attention.

What Does a Work/Life Balance Life Coach Do?

You do exactly the same thing you would as a life coach – except you may focus just a bit more on balancing your client’s work with their personal life. You get them to jump off that treadmill to nowhere that so many individuals are stuck on. You get clients to see the forest through the trees, but enjoy the trees along the way. You get them to stop and smell the roses while still earning enough money to buy those roses if they want.

Work/life balance coaching is a fancy way of saying life coach, but it can be your own personal fancy way of saying what type of life coach you are. It can be your brand, your niche, and your ticket to a very successful coaching career.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Katrina says

    I agree that work/life balance coaching can be a great niche to enter. Everybody seems to be so busy nowadays and so stressed that one needs to know how to have fun too. Being a coach who can help others have balance in their lives is great.

  2. Hanna says

    Being able to help others determine their goals and how to achieve these goals of theirs is an achievement but being able to help others achieve their goals and helping them enjoy their journey at the same time is even greater. Work/Life coaching does just that.

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