What Does Leadership Coaching Mean to Santa Claus?

In the spirit of Christmas and in the context of a coaching blog, let me pose the question: What does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus? Why talk about leadership coaching and Santa Claus in the same sentence? Because, being Santa Claus is not an easy gig and he must have some leadership qualities that we all can learn from.

Leadership Coaching

What does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus? Let’s put on our red and white thinking hats and see what we can figure out!

It’s Not Easy Being Santa Claus

Santa has a business in which he must be jolly every day, run an extensive operation of manufacturing and distribution that boggles the mind, he lives in a dreary, wintery place, and on Christmas Eve, when most people are enjoying some quality family time, he’s out on the road delivering presents to restless and impatient kids all over the world.

Santa is a CEO and a Worker

Like many people who run small businesses, Santa Claus wears many hats. He is both the CEO and the worker. He knows his business inside and out (after all, he has been doing it for longer than any of us have been alive), and he must maintain global distribution with very few mistakes. Santa does it all!

One mistake and kids all over the world are complaining about Santa. Well, kids, if you think you can do Santa’s job better…

What Does Leadership Coaching Mean to Santa Claus?

Leadership coaching is a personal development process that helps to enhance an individual’s success with respect to an organization’s goals, values, and objectives. Santa Claus manages a huge global organization and his continued success in light of rising costs and growing demand (more children in the world); his ability to lead this organization must have something to teach leadership coaches around the globe.

What does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus? Well, here are Santa’s five keys to successful leadership:

  • Listen to your workers. Santa must be encouraging and acknowledging feedback from his short-statured staff. There no way he could retain a vibrant workforce at the North Pole if he didn’t consider their opinions and needs. They would be on the first reindeer out of town if the work environment was not encouraging and open.
  • Create a positive workplace. This goes hand-in-hand with listening to your employees. Create a work environment that is positive, encouraging, and rewards creativity, ingenuity, and hard work.
  • Planning and organization are crucial for success. Santa is known to make lists and check them twice, so it is obvious he is a planner and an organizer. It is certain that one of the answers to the question – what does leadership coaching mean to Santa Claus – is precise planning and organization.
  • Know how to market yourself and your products. Santa has this covered. He has his name in millions of books worldwide, and his crusty old mug appears in countless commercials and advertisements from October through December.
  • Be good…for goodness sake! Accountability and responsibility are important qualities for a leader. Santa must constantly assess his own performance as well as the performance of his elves and reindeer.

So, What Does Leadership Coaching Mean to You?

Now that you know how Santa Claus manages to lead a workforce of elves, living in a dreary locale, while meeting the demands of children everywhere, and keeping a herd of reindeer well-nourished and ready for the unbelievable task of carting millions of presents across thousands of miles, you know what it takes to be a leader. Now you ask – what does leadership coaching mean to me?

If you want to be a leader or dream of being in a position of power, leadership coaching should be on your Christmas list. It’s one of the best presents you can give yourself. Just imagine what a leadership coach will mean to you and your career.

Before putting the stamp on that envelope and sending off your letter to the North Pole (or does Santa take requests my email now?), take a moment to consider what a great leader Santa is and what a great example the jolly rather large man in the red suit is for managers, supervisors, CEOs, and other leaders across our blue planet.

So to all the future leaders in the world – in the words of the great Mr. Claus, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. Hanna says

    Great analogy there. Being a great leader makes you a great success. Loved the article, thanks for sharing.

  2. Katrina says

    Never thought about Santa in that light but I definitely agree that Santa has great leadership skills. Enjoyed reading your post!

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