90 Day Business Coaching to Get Your Coaching Business Going

Get your coaching business going with a 90-day business coaching plan that will get things off to a great start. Will 90 days be enough to take your business from zero to sixty and have it flying down the highway of success? Perhaps – perhaps not. But, 90 days will be enough time to put you on the entrance ramp to the success highway.

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What is a 90 Day Business Coaching Plan?

The 90-day business coaching plan is a series of steps to get your business up and running within 90 days. It may even get it going in less time than that, but 90 days should be sufficient to get your coaching business going.

The 90 day business coaching plan assumes you have already taken a coaching program and have a coaching certification. The standard length of time for coach training is about 2 years, though it can be done in less time. An ICF (International Coach Federation) accredited program must offer:

  • • Competency and code of ethics training
    • Coach skills training (125 hours or more)
    • At least 6 sessions of observation by an experienced coach while you coach clients
    • Trainers credentialed by the ICF
    • A comprehensive final exam

Though you can call yourself a coach without training or a certification, it is preferable to be trained and certified. The industry is very competitive and those coaches without training will have a much tougher time competing for clients. This training takes time, so you must plan for this.

From Certification to Money Making

The 90 day business coaching plan takes you from new coach without any clients to money-making coach with actual paying clients coming through your door. Here’s the plan:

The First 30 Days

The first thing you do is define your target market – decide who you want to coach. Once you figure this out, you can create your niche. To define your target market:

  • • Do you care passionately about your target clients?
    • Will they be able to afford the fees you wish to charge?
    • Will you be able to supply them with the positive outcomes they seek?
    • Is the market small enough for you to focus on, yet large enough to have a steady supply of potential clients?

The next thing to do is create a brand, a slogan, a tagline for your business – Be the Best You Can Be, Achieve Greatness, Potential Becomes Power – something catchy that defines what you can do for clients. The first 30 days is where you design exactly what your coaching practice is going to be.

The Next 30 Days

This is where you become a businessperson. In these 30 days, you learn local business rules, find an office, set up your location, and do everything that makes your idea an actual business. You also set up your website and create a social media presence during this month. In the first 60 days you have taken your idea and built a business around it. You are now ready for the final 30 days.

The Final 30 Days

The last month of the 90 day business coaching plan to get your coaching business up and running like a finely tuned automobile is perhaps the most challenging. This is where you market and promote your coaching practice. Yes – you have to market.

Here are the basics of building a foundation for a successful marketing plan:

  • • Build a comprehensive blueprint for marketing success. This will include the types of marketing, the quantity of marketing, and the words and images. This can also include the decision to hire an expert to do your marketing if you prefer to leave the selling to someone else.
    • Use your social media sites to build your brand. Start making your coaching practice and abilities known to the social media world.
    • Read a book, watch a DVD, take a class, attend a webinar, or sign up for a day or weekend course on marketing your business. You can find plenty of material about marketing for coaches, and perhaps even locate a seminar taught by a successful coach.
    • Become familiar with metrics and tools which will help you track the success of your marketing. Learn what works and what doesn’t.

When your 90 day business coaching plan is over, you should already be attracting clients. Don’t expect to be overwhelmed with clients, but it is certainly a beginning. This 90 day coach plan is a quick-start program, but it builds a strong foundation for long-term success.

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  1. Sherill says

    Great program that I’m interested to get into. This is a huge help for those who can’t wait to get their business going.

  2. Marlon says

    Great tips for new coaches out there to help jump start their cooaching business. Thanks for sharing this very helpful post.

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