What is Positive Psychology Coaching and How to Use it in Your Practice?

What is positive psychology coaching and how can you incorporate it into your practice? Though the term is sometimes dismissed as unscientific happy talk, it can possess an important place in your coaching toolbox and help clients reach a better understanding of their lives, their needs, and their desires. Positive psychology is a broad term, encompassing many different techniques and styles that encourage and motivate people to identify, develop, and nurture their positive attitudes, … [Read more...]

The Secrets to Writing a Business Plan for Life Coaching

Writing a business plan seems like a difficult task, but there are some easy secrets to writing a business plan for life coaching  that will allow you to create a simple yet effective plan that will help knock your business out of the park. Every business, even a life coaching business, needs a business plan. It is your structure, organization, and vision. It is important to know where you are going and how you are going to get there before you start your business. You cannot run a race and … [Read more...]

Do You Need to Take a Certification Training Program?

Is it possible to become a life coach without taking a certification training program? The answer is YES. Anyone can become a coach – you don't have to have a certification or any training at all to hang out a shingle, create a website, and call yourself a life coach. Is it possible to become a good life coach without taking a certification training program? The answer is PROBABLY. If you work really hard, have experience that you can use in your coaching practice, and do plenty of … [Read more...]

Creating Videos on YouTube – Leadership Coaching

Here's a way to ratchet up your coaching business – YouTube leadership coaching videos. What are YouTube leadership coaching videos, you ask? Leadership coaching videos would consist of a series of videos designed to help the viewers learn more about leadership styles and skills. These, of course, are videos you produce and upload on to YouTube. These are videos that would promote your coaching practice. Creating Videos on YouTube - Leadership Coaching The first thing to do is create an … [Read more...]

How to Tell if Your Relationship Coach is Any Good

Is there a way to tell if your relationship coach is any good? Quantifying success is difficult in a relationship, but there are some common sense ways to measure the effectiveness of your relationship coach. Do you like him or her? When working with someone closely, as you would with a coach, it is important to like them. You are not there to be best friends, but there should be some degree of mutual respect. Is the coach helping you? You may not be able to tell in the first one or … [Read more...]

Create Some Boom and Zoom: Life Coaching Success Using Goals

Here's a simple formula for you to remember: Boon and zoom = Life Coaching success. What you ask does this mean? Boom is a word that indicates a deep resonant sound – the loud noise you want to make in the coaching profession. Zoom is a word that indicates swiftness. You want to achieve your goals and live your dreams as quickly as possible. Now that you know what boom and zoom means, how do you achieve them? Your business and life coaching success depends on your ability to … [Read more...]

Why become a Life Coach – 10 Reasons You Should and 10 Reasons You Shouldn’t

Why become a life coach? Why not become a life coach? However, before we talk about the ten reasons to become a life coach, let's look at a few humorous and not so humorous reasons not to become a life coach. Why Become a Life Coach – Not! You once attended a Tony Robbins seminar and think “I can do that!” Guess what, the odds are you can't do what he does. You think coaching means you can make people think like you. You can't and they won't! That isn't coaching. It's easy money. … [Read more...]

8 Tips For Creating a Life Coach Facebook Page

Does a coach need a life coach Facebook page? Does a bear...well, you know the rest of that old saying. Yes, a life coach should have a Facebook page. Social media is an incredible, free tool for promoting your life coaching practice. You absolutely must develop a social media strategy if you want to keep up with the competition. How to you create and develop a life coach Facebook page that attracts visitors and fans other than your family and friends? Is it worth the hassle? Here are a … [Read more...]