Do You Need to Take a Certification Training Program?

Is it possible to become a life coach without taking a certification training program? The answer is YES. Anyone can become a coach – you don’t have to have a certification or any training at all to hang out a shingle, create a website, and call yourself a life coach.

Is it possible to become a good life coach without taking a certification training program? The answer is PROBABLY. If you work really hard, have experience that you can use in your coaching practice, and do plenty of self-education through books, DVDs, seminars and more, you can probably become a good life coach.

Is it possible to become a great and successful coach who is in demand without taking a certification training program? The answer is PROBABLY NOT. Certification and training are two of the cornerstones for any successful coach. Earning a certification assures clients that you are dedicated to learning all you can about your profession and craft. The more training you take, the more you will know about life coaching and the more knowledge and skills you will have to assist your clients.

5 Reasons You Need to Take a Certification Training Program

  1. According to research from Sherpa and other organizations, professional life coaches who are trained and certified become successful more quickly, earn more, and drop out of the business less often.
  2. Most people assume certified coaches are better than those who do not have a certification. Though this may not be true, perception can easily become reality – if potential clients think that a certified coach has more skill and will provide a better outcome than one without a certification, then they will go to the one with a certification. You don’t want to be that coach left without any clients because your competition has their certifications.
  3. Clients want their life coaches to be certified. One study from the International Coach Federation (ICF) found that 84 percent of real coaching clients said that coaching credentials were “important” or “very important” to them. Obviously, that piece of paper hanging on your wall is worth way more than the paper it is printed on.
  4. Certification and training will help distinguish you from those who have not received the same amount of training. It will help you stand out from others in the crowd who have not worked as hard as you.
  5. Certification is a sign of achievement. It is similar to a diploma – it is a reward for all your hard work and it identifies you as a trained professional in your field. Clients want you to be certified and you should also want to have your certification.

It is possible to call yourself a life coach without taking a certification training program. It is possible to make a living as a life coach without any certification training, but it is not the best course of action if you want to become a successful and prosperous life coach. If you want to take control of your future and ensure the best possibility for success in an increasingly competitive industry, a certification training program should be high on your list of priorities.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Sherill says

    I believe that to be a true coach we all need to undergo a certification training program. Nobody loses with added knowledge and it will surely benefit you and your clients so let’s all go for it.

  2. Hanna says

    I believe that if clients see that you have undergone education and you have the skills your clients will have more faith and trust in you as a coach. Education is important and the best way to get it is by enrolling in a certification training program.

  3. Brandon says

    I have the same opinion as the previous comments. if you have both the certification and good skill then you can call yourself as a coach. If you don’t have a certificate then also,the skill have the importance and you can call yourself as a coach. Thanks for sharing these informations.

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