Your “Life Coach Salary Secrets” Video Toolkit

What if there was a “Life Coach Salary Secrets Video” toolkit in your pocket? Well, we’ve got your back. In this article we will give you a “Life Coaching Salary Secrets Video” toolkit that you can utilize to increase your salary as a life coach.

There is no doubt that video content is becoming crucial to any marketing strategy. “70% of the top 100 search engine results are videos,” stated KissMetrics. Furthermore, results from different studies have concluded that video content can make visitors 144% more likely to make a purchase on your site. Business owners that start using video content in their marketing strategy are generally seeing significant improvements in the profitability of their marketing strategies and click-through rates. In other words, if you aren’t using video content in your marketing strategy, you are missing out. 

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The “Life Coach Salary Secrets” Video Toolkit

Here are three ways video content can help you increase your salary as a life coach.

  1. Guides & How-To’s

The best and most efficient way to create loyal customers is to give them something of high value for free. And video content is a great way to do so. You can for example, provide your clients and potential clients with coaching guides or secrets, need-to-know, and how-to videos that can help them in their daily life. A good video should give your potential clients a small hint of what they can expect from you as a life coach, to inspire them to want the full package. Also, make sure that the videos are relevant and don’t seem like a sales pitch. You shouldn’t make a video where you are actively trying to convince your clients, but simply a video where you are giving them free information. This is something that people really love.

  1. Product videos

With a video toolkit, you have a unique opportunity of letting your potential clients know what they can gain from hiring you as their life coach. While an e-commerce business selling physical products would use the video to display different angles of their product and its key features, a life coach can use the video to give a comprehensive overview of how much a client can gain from hiring you as a life coach. In other words, a video is a great way of converting someone who is only considering hiring you as their life coach to actually contact you and hire you.

  1. Vlogging

Last but not least, there is vlogging. While vlogging can seem weird for you as a business owner, you should consider vlogging as free advertising that you constantly can be putting out without seeming like you are spamming your followers. With vlogging, you can give your target group an insight into what goes on behind the scenes and show them how much work you put into your business. This is a great way to build loyalty and trust with your clients. Furthermore, it gives your brand personality and depth. Doing this makes your potential clients more familiar with you as a person, and drastically increases the chance of them deciding to buy your life coaching services.

You can also use vlogging to collaborate with other YouTubers in the same niche. This is a free way to put your face and brand out in front of a lot of new people and can be a very effective marketing strategy.

There you have it, a “Life Coach Salary Secrets Video” toolkit to boost your coaching business. Happy coaching!

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