The Role of The Mindset Coach in a Mindset Coaching Call

The role of the mindset coach in a mindset coaching call is very crucial to the success of the coaching session and relationship.

The Role of The Mindset Coach in a Mindset Coaching Call

What is Mindset Coaching?

Mindset Coaching is the process by which the way an individual thinks (mindset) is rewired. This form of coaching helps to change an individual’s perspective and outlook on life. Rewiring the mentality of an individual allows them to grow in their personal and professional lives. Very often, many of us find ourselves entertaining negative thoughts, especially when we are facing specific life challenges. And so what a mindset coach does is help the client to overcome those negative thoughts; a wrong way of thinking and work on embracing and envisioning an optimistic and positive way of thinking that will help them over the obstacles in front of them and accomplish their desired goals.

The Role of a Mindset Coach in a Mindset Coaching Call

What is my role as a mindset coach in a mindset coaching call?

Your role as a mindset coach in the mindset coaching call is to help rewire your client’s mindset. At the onset of the coaching relationship, you will need to inform the client that your goal is to help him or her understand the consequences of their current mindset. Continuously staying stuck in their old and unhealthy thinking patterns will continue to keep them paralyzed and unable to move forward in their lives.

Making The Mindset Coaching Call That Will Yield Results

Once you have understood your role in the mindset coaching call, it is now time for you to figure out the traits or attributes that will help make the coaching call a successful one.

1. Be Prepared – Spend an ample amount of time reviewing the client’s information before making the call. Ensure that your office is free of any distractions (you can take advantage of noise-canceling headphones). Have a plan for your meeting session over the phone. For example, what are the client’s current needs and what they are hoping to accomplish from the coaching relationship, etc.? Preparation is essential, and it shows that you are indeed a professional.

2. Be an Active Listener – This is a fundamental trait to have in any coaching session. Your client will know that you are listening to them when you ask questions and restate key points throughout the call.

3. Ask Questions – Employ powerful questions to foster a positive or growth mindset. Asking powerful (open-ended) questions helps your clients get to the root of their issues as well as achieve clarity and discover their truth. It is essential to be clear about the specific goals your clients want to make, and the obstacles that are hindering them from achieving those goals. Examples of powerful mindset coaching questions are:

  • What are your short- and long-term goals?
  • What do you feel is holding you back from achieving your goal(s)?
  • What steps can you take to move forward?

4. Show Empathy – Coaches are trained to be empathetic but in a practical way. You can be empathetic while at the same time maintaining the appropriate boundaries in the process.

5. Be Supportive and Honest – It is important to be sincere with your clients as you also support them on their journey. The clients may try to avoid or ignore the shortcomings in their lives. Sometimes they want to throw the blame on someone else or something. Be real with them, and have them take ownership for their faults, face it, and overcome.

6. Maintain Focus – As a coach, you must be capable of maintaining focus. Remain focused on the reason for the coaching call and on what matters to the client.

7. Be Professional, Courteous, and Respectful throughout the call.

8. Celebrate The Success – At the end of the coaching relationship, celebrate clients’ achievements.; Praising the clients’ hard work, and commitment promotes a progressive mindset.

The role of the mindset coach in the mindset coaching call is to empower your clients using the appropriate tools, insights, and attitudes to challenge them. Also, you enable clients to realize that they have the power within them to develop a mindset that will facilitate the accomplishing of their desired goals.

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