Wellness and Extreme Care Coach Training

Wellness and extreme care coach training can be an important part of what you learn as you become a life coach. Why? Because when you coach a lot of people you are going to run into wellness issues. I’ve coached thousands of people, so I think at this point I’ve almost ‘seen it all’ when it comes to challenges of the human condition, but even after coaching 20 or 30 I had run into ‘wellness’ issues.

What is a ‘wellness issue’? It is some problem having to do with the health of your client. This issue can be a disease or sickness they are dealing with, like I’ve had a client with Crone’s disease, and Lupus, and cancer, etc. This issue can also be a psychological problem that effects wellness. I’ve worked with clients that got anxiety attacks, or bulimia/anorexia, or trouble sleeping, etc. Wellness issues can also be self-induced, but not directly connected with an obvious psychological problem, but have nasty physical side-effects, such as alcohol or drug use. I’ve worked with both alcoholics and people that abuse marijuana daily. You’d be surprised at how common many of these ‘wellness issues are’ and how many clients you will have that are dealing with one or many of them. That’s why wellness and extreme care coach training is so important.

Another aspect of what should be included when you receive your wellness and extreme care coach training is the legal aspect of it. When dealing with extreme care and wellness cases, you’ve got to know the law, and how it applies to you as a coach. I look at this as an issue of integrity as well as a self and client-protection issue as well. If someone is of danger to themselves or others, or they begin to profess suicide attempts etc., you need to contact the authorities and refer your client to a mental health professional or medial professionals. There are other important laws that apply to you and your role as a coach that you need to know, and you should be learning all these basic laws and ethical guidelines in your endeavour to receive wellness and extreme care coach training.

What will you do when you’re faced with a client or a coaching call that brings up a major emergency or a wellness / extreme care issue? Will you know what to do? Will you save the day and be the hero that creates a positive turning point in their life, or will you shrink from the challenge? The wellness and extreme care coach training that you get will most probably decide the outcome, and ultimately the answers and the fate of your client, is in your hands.

Jeffrey T. Sooey

Founder, Coaches Training Blog Community

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