Tough Love for Business Success Coaching

When a client comes to you for business success coaching, assume they are ready for some tough love and are prepared to do what is necessary to make their business succeed. Often a client will come to you because his business, born out of passion for the product or service he provides, is failing. What you offer is some no-nonsense help for him to begin to run the business as a successful business needs to be run.

Have the client take a step back

Often in a business, particularly a service business like coaching, the owner/manager is too close to everything that’s going on to be able to see the problem spots. Just like a basketball player on a court who can only see what’s happening right around him, a business owner who runs the day to day operations can’t objectively see the whole picture of what’s happening. He only gets a skewed version from the inside view he has. In the basketball example, only someone who is off the court with some distance from it can take in the whole court at once. Similarly, in your business success coaching, get your client to figuratively step outside and emotionally distance himself enough to get the whole, accurate picture of what’s working and what isn’t in his business. This can be difficult for your client, and you need to be the compassionate but authoritative voice helping him recognize the need and find the way to do this.

Business success coaching must teach integrity

No business can attain and retain success without integrity. You are a model for this behavior in your business success coaching. You must consistently and reliably demonstrate integrity in the way you interact with your client and in your business practices. And you must coach your client with tough love and hold him accountable for being his word down to the smallest detail. In your dedication to your client’s success, you must take a compassionate but firm stand when it comes to keeping all commitments, including appointments, on time and as promised, or at the very least, communicating when there is a problem. Your business success coaching must help him find and transform patterns in himself that diminish his integrity, so that he doesn’t disappoint his customers with repeated unmet expectations. Without integrity, your client’s clients won’t believe him or trust him, and his business will have a very shaky foundation.

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Dorine G Kramer
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