Top Six Health Coach Marketing Ideas

Are you an individual looking to start your own health coaching business and looking for coach marketing tips to bring in clients?

Top Six Health Coach Marketing Ideas
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Are you prepared to grow your business? If your answer is Yes, then,

In that case, I hope like my friend Cindy, a wellness coach you will find these marketing tips which I suggested to her as helpful as she did.

Who is a Health Coach?

Before we look at coach marketing ideas, let us first of all, find out who a health coach is. My favorite definition of a health coach is by Jess Krauss, an integrative health coach, and owner of The Little Clementine in New York City. She states.”a health coach is a professional that focuses on the whole person (holistic approach).” Krauss says “they may focus on not just the client’s physical exercise, but their spirituality, relationships, environment, and nutrition, as well as how each aspect plays into each other.” The health coach helps clients discover the root of their discomfort, without the use of Western medicine and with more of a focus on lifestyle improvements.

Health Coach Marketing Ideas For Your Business

There are many marketing tips out there to help grow your health coaching business, but in this article, I am going to highlight the top six that Cindy and a few others have found immensely useful in developing their business.

I. Create a social media presence: When using platforms like Facebook as a marketing tool to help grow your business, your only focus should be to set smart goals. These goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and within a set time frame. Appropriate tools within these social media platforms are handy for a health coach. For example, Instagram’s Iconosquare, which is a must-have app for every health coach. It allows you to analyze the data relating to post engagement, including the best times of the day to post, as well as who is looking at which posts and when. As you pursue your set goals, you will begin witnessing the progress you have achieved each step of the way.

II. Develop a Website – in this technological age, it almost seems weird not to have an online presence (a business site). What can your website do for you as a health coach running your own business? It can help to develop your coaching brand, provide easy access to both new and existing clients. Your business site can also help build your credibility within the health & wellness field and it can also just be a place where individuals can go to obtain a wealth of health & wellness information at no cost. A website with quality content and easy accessibility are essential.

III. Talk to friends, family members, neighbors, etc. about what you do and how your services can benefit them. Do not just rely on online networking, go out and meet people the traditional way.

IV. Distribute business cards – With permission, put your business cards in small business locations such as your dentist, doctor’s offices, children’s daycare, etc. When I was starting my coaching practice, it’s what I did and it has continued working for me.

V. Start a group – You will be amazed at what networking with your fellow coaches and health & wellness professionals can do for your career.

VI. Diversify your income – What else could you sell? Your website, blog or podcast is merely a platform that establishes an audience. Once you have established your audience, you can start discovering ways to increase your income. Examples of revenue streaming are selling nutritional health products, offering one on one or group classes focusing on a specific skill, writing a book, articles, etc.

Acquiring all the training to be a health coach is all good; but if you do not have the proper coach marketing tools to build up your business, then you are going to get clearly frustrated. Like some individuals, you will end up packing up the business even before it had a chance to start. I hope you will find these marketing ideas helpful in the establishment of your health coaching business.

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