Three Top Sales Coach Training Programs Offered Virtually

Is sales coach training necessary? Absolutely!   More and more organizations have started seeing the value of sales coaches and as a result this has led to a rapid growth in the area of sales coaching and so hence the need for quality coach training.

Sales Coaching And The Role of a Sales Coach

Sales Coaching is a type of coaching that focuses on helping salespeople develop the necessary skills; helping to identify effective strategies needed to achieve their goals or objectives. Some sales managers take on the role of sales coaches.  The role of a sales coach is to help develop individuals, improve performance and achieve desired objectives within the sales team in an organization.  These coaches have the skills and expertise to help businesses boost their revenue and improve the performance of their salesforce. For an effective and productive relationship to occur, sales coaches must be able to build trust between them and their clients ( the sales force ), show empathy, be supportive, be an active listener, and work together with the sales team in creating actionable and realistic goals. The typical sales coach has a background or previous experience in sales and marketing, retail sales, account management or customer service. According to, a sales coach in the United States can make an average annual salary of $65,245.  The top ten percent makes over $116,000 a year.

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Sales Coach Training Providers To Consider

Are you looking for a quality sales coach training program where you can receive top notch training to make you a better coach?  Then check out the training providers below.

  • Sales Readiness Group –  SRG’s sales coaching training program is designed to equip sales managers with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to maximize their teams’ sales performance.  They provide virtual instructor-led highly engaged training. The organization is  located in Mercer Island, Washington.
  • Coaching & Sales Institute –  This organization provides a comprehensive program designed to help sales managers to coach more effectively and improve the results of their sales team. The training program is flexible and offered online/virtually. Coaching & Sales Institute is located in Ontario, Canada.
  • The RAIN Group – The RAIN sales coaching program has been designed to help sales and marketing leaders learn how to help a sales force within an organization achieve their sales potential and maximize sales opportunities that come their way. The organization provides both in person and virtual learning. Virtual learning has been more beneficial to their clients who are based all over the world.  They are able to provide online instructor led training which has been highly effective, engaging and results driven. The RAIN group has several locations around the world with its headquarters located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Attending sales coach training programs is necessary if you are looking to coach your sales teams efficiently and adequately.  If you are seeking coaching training that will help you develop the skills needed to coach your team or sales force effectively, how about checking out the ones mentioned in this article.

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