Get Your Mojo On With Coaching, Management, Sales, Training, and Hard Work

Coaching, management, sales, training, and hard work are not just a bunch of words strung together – they actually can mean the difference between profit and loss for your business, and the difference between success and failure.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching

Coaching, Management, Sales, Training, and Hard Work – They All Make a Difference

Coaching, management, sales, training, and hard work all make a big difference in a company’s bottom line – you can bet your bottom dollar. Let’s explore how coaching, management, sales, and training make a difference.

Everyone Knows Hard Work Matters

You’ll notice that I left hard work out of the sentence above. Do I really have to explain how hard work makes a difference? If you aren’t ready to work hard, don’t be a business owner – it comes with the territory!


The first work in the string – coaching, management, sales, training – might be the most important. Not because it is any more crucial than the others, but because it is often the most overlooked of the four. Why does your business need coaching? Whether it’s a life coach, an executive coach, or any other type of coach, your business needs coaching because:

  • Coaches see the big picture.
  • Coaches can help identify goals and help you reach them.
  • Coaches can help identify problems, issues, and obstacles.
  • Coaches have no bias – identifying goals and problems are done with an unbiased eye.
  • Coaches listen.
  • Coaches tell it like it is – they aren’t your friend.
  • Coaches will help develop long-term plans and strategies.
  • Coaches will motivate, enlighten, and inspire.


Without the proper management skills, an organization is headed for failure. A manager is usually the coach, the assistant coach, the quarterback, and the head cheerleader. A good manager knows how to lead, create, improvise, inspire, motivate, organize, and get down in the trenches and do the grunt work. A manager does it all. So, whether you are the only manager, or just part of a team, effectiveness and efficiency are critical for business success.


This, of course, is a no-brainer. You have to make sales to prosper. No sales means no business means you are out of business. There has to be cost-effective and innovative promotional plans in place to help sell products. Of course, if your company relies on sales people to move product or services, then it leads right into the next category – training!


The one word of the four – coaching, management, sales, training – which ties in with all the others is training.

  • Coaching is a type of training
  • Management needs to bring skills to the table, but they can also be trained through executive coaching
  • Sales – every successful company has some type of sales training – many have continuing sales training for all their employees.

The success of most every business is the effectiveness and quality of their training. Whether your employees are flipping burgers or selling high-end products, training is essential. Without the right training, the interaction between sales person and customer may not go the right way. If it goes wrong, your company may be sunk!

Yes – coaching, management, sales, training…and hard work are just five words strung together. But, they are five of the most important five words for any business owner, whether the business is a small mom and pop store or a large multinational conglomerate.

So – managers and business owners listen up – want to get your mojo on in today’s highly competitive business environment? Think about and embrace coaching, management, sales, training, and of course, good old-fashioned hard work!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Favio says

    This is definitely the right equation for success in any business venture – coaching, management, sales, training,and of course, hard work! No endeavor would prosper without these!

  2. Grace Stiller says

    A close scrutiny at successful companies would show that all these elements are present and were given focus.Listen to the words of experience.

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