Three Health Coach Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Ideal Customers

There are many health coach marketing tips out there to help grow your coaching business, but I will highlight three that have proven to be successful in attracting the ideal coaching clients. 

I have a few friends that are nurses, and Julie (pseudonym) happens to be one of them. Julie retired five years ago as a Registered Nurse and has decided to pursue a career in health coaching. She is eager to begin her new career but wants to know the best way to go about getting clients for her practice. The strategies below should be helpful. 

The Role of Health Coaches 

The field of health coaching is an exciting one, and the demand for health coaches has increased rapidly over the last five years alone. It is revolutionizing the way we implement health and wellness services in our society.  Studies show that health coaching is cost-effective, and the healthcare system is beginning to  see a decline in hospitalizations and health care spending in general. 

Health Coaches are supportive members of the care team, working with clients alongside medical providers, nutritionists, health educators to help them achieve a healthy and satisfactory lifestyle. If you are someone like my friend Julie, with a previous background in Nursing, you bring to the table a vast clinical knowledge of client assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of care, which can be used to help engage your coaching clients more efficiently. 

A few responsibilities of a health coach include: To provide guidelines to reduce or eliminate destructive behaviors, to promote health care plans tailored to each client’s needs, and to support client self-empowerment and motivate individuals to direct their own path of healing and wholeness.

The Best Health Coach Marketing Strategies For my Business 

  1. Marketing Online: Business Site and Social Media  – Establishing an online presence is absolutely crucial to your health coaching business. Your business site can be compared to a business card or brochure. It initially introduces people to you and your craft and so it has to convey a great first impression. It can help to develop your coaching brand, provide easy access to both potential and existing clients. Your business site can also help build your credibility as a health coach. It is a place where individuals can conveniently go to obtain a wealth of health and wellness information at no cost. 

Secondly, posting actively on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other platforms are essential tools needed to attract your target clients. For example, Instagram’s Iconosquare is a must-have app for every health coach; it allows you to analyze the data relating to post engagement, including the best times of the day to post, as well as who is looking at which posts and when. 

  1. Reestablish Connections – It’s time to renew connections.  You can check-in on former colleagues, places worked before, and inform them about your new career path. Set up meetings with hospital administrators, clinic managers, nursing facility management, and let them hear what you have to offer.  They will most likely work with you, especially if you had a great working relationship with them in the past.  This strategy applies to any individual with a passion for helping people realize their health goals. Visit the local clinics, skilled nursing facilities, etc. and show them how your services can benefit their clients or patients. Do not leave without dropping off your business cards and brochures or flyers.
  1. Interviews/Surveys – Conduct interviews or surveys to find out what people’s primary health concerns are and what they are looking for. You want to ensure you not only identify prospective clients’ needs but also address those needs based on the information received from them. (visit  fitness centers, grocery stores, community centers, beauty or barber’s shops, etc.) to find individuals willing to be interviewed.

You do not have to be a nurse to be a successful health coach, but you have to be passionate and genuine about helping others achieve their goals, and with the best health coach marketing strategies, you can attract the coaching clients you desire to help.  

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