The Prosperous Coach Review: What You Will Learn From The Authors

The prosperous coach reviewed by many has been a sought-after resource for coaches and trainers since 2013 when it was published. Whether you are a new or seasoned coach, there is definitely a thing or two you can learn from the authors of the prosperous coach, Steve Chandler, and Rich Litvin. 

Who Are The Authors?

Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin are the authors of the No 1 book for coaches, “The Prosperous Coach: Increase Income and Impact for You and Your Clients.” They have been in the business of coaching and training for several years, and both bring to coach a wealth of knowledge and expertise in leadership, consulting business management. The Prosperous roach reviewed by so many has been a great resource that enlightens every coach on how to increase impact and income, one powerful conversation at a time. It has sold over 60,000 copies. The book has helped several business owners/entrepreneurs to build and maintain successful businesses. 

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The Prosperous Coach Review – Six Helpful Tips For Your Coaching Practice 

What you will learn from Steve and Rich in the Prosperous Coach resource is that to become a world-class coach, you must: 

  • Have Impactful and life-changing conversations – Creating powerful and deep conversations can often generate new coaching clients. People are intrigued by your genuine interest in their issues and will be interested in seeing more of you, creating the type of conversations that give the individual a meaningful coaching experience.  
  • Stay focused on your client – Active listening involves tuning out all distractions and staying focused on your clients. Your client is the most critical person in the room to you in those 45 minutes or 60 minutes sessions. Giving them your undivided attention draws out information that will guide you to help them achieve their personal or professional goals. 
  • Build a Worthy Portfolio – Creating a collection or portfolio of published works such as eBooks; articles can help attract your ideal coaching clientele.  
  • Stay Relevant – Staying relevant in the coaching industry includes ongoing professional learning, staying informed on the latest coaching resources, strategies, tools in the business that will help you be more effective as a professional coach. 
  • Follow up – Following up via phone or email with potential clients in a way that makes them feel comfortable and significant.

Another thing to learn from the authors of the prosperous coach is never to entertain fear in putting yourself out there as a coach. Be confident in who you are, the skills you have, and what you bring to the table. Be ready to coach without fear; always stay in the mindset that you are in this individual’s life to make a lasting impact. When you believe in yourself, your clients will also believe in you. 

The prosperous coach reviewed by many in the coaching field has been a powerful resource for several people. It has led to better ways of coaching, better ways of handling the business part of coaching. These two things alone have led to generating high-paying clients and leading successful coaching practices.

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