Have You Ever Heard of a Prosperous Coach PDF Course?

Planning to come up with a prosperous coach PDF course? This may seem like an impossible task but it’s not that hard if you break it down into manageable tasks. Imagine you are climbing a mountain. You are standing at the foot of the mountain and looking up at its summit vanishing into the clouds. How can you possibly scale such an immense and dangerous mountain?

There is only one way to climb a mountain — step by step.

Now think of writing your prosperous life coach PDF course in the same light. You must create it step by step, and one day, you will take that last step and find yourself standing on the summit with your head in the clouds.

Okay, let’s get down to earth and explore some steps you should take before you begin. Once you’ve gone through the following list, you will be ready to actually begin writing your prosperous coach PDF course.

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Steps to Writing a Prosperous Coach PDF Course

The first thing you have to do is to organize your thoughts. Here are some tips to get your creative juices flowing.

#1 Make a list of the reasons you are creating your PDF course. Do you want to promote your coaching business? Do you want to bring quality traffic to your website? Do you want to enhance your reputation as a coach? Do you want to sell it as a product on your coaching website or blog? Do you want to offer it as a free gift for answering an online poll or for ordering a coaching product? The more you know upfront, the easier the actual course creation process will be.

#2 Figure out your PDF course’s working title. Jot down a few different titles, and eventually, you’ll find the best one. Titles help you to focus your writing on your topic; they guide you in anticipating and answering your reader’s queries. Many e-courses also have subtitles. Aim for clarity in your titles, but something clever always helps to sell courses. 

#3 Write a course overview. Your overview is a sentence or two stating exactly what problem you are addressing and how your course will solve that problem. All chapters spring forth from your course overview. Once you’ve got your course overview fine-tuned, you’ve built your foundation. From that foundation, your course will grow, chapter by chapter.

Your course overview will keep you focused while you write your PDF course. Remember: all chapters must support your course overview. If they don’t, they don’t belong in your course.

Before you start to write the course chapters, make sure there is a good reason to create your PDF course. Ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your PDF course present useful information and is that information currently relevant?
  • Will your course positively affect the lives of coaches?
  • Is your course dynamic and will it keep the student’s attention?
  • Does your course answer questions that are meaningful and significant?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you can feel confident about the potential of your prosperous coach PDF course.

#4 Figure out who your target audience is. It is this group of people you will be selling your course to, and this group will dictate many elements of your course, such as style, tone, diction, and even length. Figure out the age range of your potential students, what motivates them, what they are most interested in, and even the socio-economic group they primarily come from. Are they coaches who listen to coaching podcasts or read book reviews? How many hours do they spend every day online? The more you can pin down your target audience, the easier it will be to create a course for them.

#5 Decide on the format of your PDF course. Keep the format from chapter to chapter consistent. Perhaps you plan to use an introduction to your course chapter topic, and then divide it into four subhead topics. Or you may plan to divide it into different parts, each one beginning with a relevant anecdote.

#6 Make your course user friendly. You must figure out how to keep your writing engaging. Often anecdotes, little stories, photos, graphs, advice, and tips in between heavy stuff will keep the reader turning the pages. Sidebars are useful for quick, accessible information, and they break up the density of the page.

Write with a casual, conversational tone rather than a formal tone such as textbook diction. Students learn better when they feel like you are having a conversation with them. Break up the length and structure of your sentences so they do not bore your students. 

Good writing takes lots of practice. Make a schedule to write at least a few pages a week. Read books and magazines about the process of writing, and jot down tips that will make your course interesting. The more you write (and read), the better your writing will become. The better your writing becomes, the bigger your sales figures.

#7 Have an easy-to-read design. Find a font that’s easy on the eyes and stick to that font family. Using dozens of fonts will only tire your students out before they’ve gotten past your introduction. Use at least one and a half line spacing, and text large enough to be read easily both on mobile and computer screens. You will have to experiment with this to find the right combination.

#8 Run a spell and grammar check. You are judged by something as minor as correct punctuation, so don’t mess up a great PDF course by tossing out semicolons randomly, or stringing sentences together with commas.

That’s it! You’ve written a prosperous coach PDF course! Now all you have to do is publish your course online and wait for download requests from your website visitors.

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