Taking a Basic Life Coach Course Online to Get You Started in Life Coaching

New to Life Coaching and asking yourself what a Basic Life Coach course is? Well, let’s find out how you can get started from the convenience of your home.

About Life Coaching 

Life or personal coaching, as it is sometimes called focuses on practical solutions by which a client seeks to achieve their desired results. It is not counseling or therapy, as many people unfamiliar with coaching would think. Therapy focuses primarily on a person’s past, trying to seek the causes of the failures and trauma that have placed them in their current situation. Coaching focuses more on the present and future. Its ultimate goal is to partner with the person, steering them from where they presently are to where they eventually want to be. 

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An introductory life coach training course is ideal for individuals who are new to coaching, have never taken a course, or have done any coaching before but believe it’s something you will do well in. The basic life coach course is a step forward in building a successful coaching career. In basic life coach training, you will learn the fundamental principles of coaching, coaching core competencies, various coaching models, differences between coaching, mentoring, consulting, and therapy, and the necessary skills needed to become a life coach and begin your career. 

Training Providers Offering Basic Life Coach Course Training Online

Taking a basic life coach course online offers convenience, flexibility and it can also be cost-effective.  Several coach training programs have been offered virtually via platforms such as Udemy. Thousands of people, including myself, have taken advantage of quality coach training on these platforms. Many of these training providers offer basic life coach training at a reasonable cost, and upon completion, you are awarded a certificate of completion. Due to several coach training providers available online, it is necessary to be cautious where you invest your time and money.   Do your homework to ensure that you do not become a victim of scammers.  Even on educational platforms like Udemy and Coursera, you still have to be careful, check out the instructors, organization’s information on their main website, ICF, or other credentialing organizations if they are credentialed with them as well as the Better Business Bureau online. In the meantime, take a look at the following a few reputable coach training providers that you might consider checking out.

  • The Coach Training Academy (CTA), founded by entrepreneurs Brian (BJ) Radomski and Steven Kiges, offers life coach training courses virtually and offers coach training scholarships to those with financial constraints. https://thecoachtrainingacademy.com/
  • Life Coaching Certification Course (Beginner to Advanced) taught by Kain Ramsay and he utilizes the Udemy platform.
  • Master Coach University (MCU) offers basic coaching services that provide an accelerated path to coach certification, so you can begin practicing as a Certified Coach immediately. Jeffrey Sooey, MCU founder and Instructor also teaches on the Udemy platform. https://mastercoachuniversity.com/certificates/
  • The Institute For Life Coaching (ILCT) founded by Dr. Patrick Williams- You can check out their available courses on their website. https://www.lifecoachtraining.com/programs/all_courses

Final Thoughts…

Taking a basic life coach course equips you with the tools, skills, and powerful strategies needed to get started as a life coach. To remain relevant to your new profession and to be able to coach clients effectively, you will need to consider attaining more training. Obtaining a certification may be necessary; even though it is not mandatory to be credentialed as a life coach, it boosts your career and makes you marketable as a professional life coach. 

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