The Basics of Accredited Life Coach Programs

Life coaching is a relatively new profession, it’s currently unregulated in the US, so if you want to be taken seriously, then you might want to consider accreditation and take a look at accredited life coach programs

An accredited life coach program involves a certain amount of contact hours and practical training. It’s not hard to see why this is extremely beneficial.

The Benefits of Accredited Life Coach Programs

The thorough knowledge and practical experience accredited courses provide will sharpen your skills so that you’ll be able to offer clients a service you’re not only proud of but confident in. 

And you’ll be able to assure any potential clients that you are offering a legitimate service and have genuine skills. Gaining a client’s confidence is especially important in this relational profession. Accreditation will give them one huge reason to trust you.

Plus, having an accredited certification under your belt will help distinguish you from other budding life coaches in an increasingly crowded job market. 

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Which Accredited Program is Best for Me?

With around 300 accredited life coach programs in the US, there are lots of courses or programs to choose from. But make sure to find the one that fits your interests and capabilities.

You also have a choice between in-person and online. Obviously, in-person courses seem more ideal as they offer real-life client work, but online courses have surprising benefits like often being cheaper and more flexible.

Whatever the course, check that it includes observation, mentoring and supervision for your support. Make sure it involves reflective learning – this will allow you to grow in the insight and self-awareness needed. And look out for a rigorous assessment process involving things like live sessions and a client log. 

How Long Will Accreditation Take?

An accredited life coaching certificate could take anywhere from 16 to 100 hours to complete, depending on the program. And as already mentioned, online courses can often be done more quickly (though not necessarily less thoroughly). 

Will Accreditation Really Help You as a Coach?

Short answer: yes. It will set you up for success and the respectable foundation it’ll give your career is invaluable.

So whether it’s by the ICF (International Coach Federation), or the IAPC&M (International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring), accreditation feels like a no brainer.

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