The Almost Filthy Rich Salary of Life Coach Coaches

The salary of life coach coaches is a bit different than the salary of a life coach. Coaching the coaches is a more specialized field with less competition which requires more skill and experience. Coaching Programs are Everywhere Coaching programs are springing up like weeds in an untended garden. Many of these programs are great, but there are a significant number which skimp on training or lack the comprehensive experience to fully train a coach to be successful in a highly competitive … [Read more...]

Making the Salary of Life Coach Equation Work

When it comes to the salary of life coach equation, you get exactly what you are worth. In the long run, you get as little or as much as you actually deserve. That is because if you are under delivering and over charging, sooner or later, your clients will figure it out. And if you over deliver and under charge, the demand for your services will soon outpace your capacity and your fees will be bid up. So how do you maximize your income? Maximize your worth. Life Coaching Changes Lives People … [Read more...]