The Almost Filthy Rich Salary of Life Coach Coaches

The salary of life coach coaches is a bit different than the salary of a life coach. Coaching the coaches is a more specialized field with less competition which requires more skill and experience.

Salary of Life Coach
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Coaching Programs are Everywhere

Coaching programs are springing up like weeds in an untended garden. Many of these programs are great, but there are a significant number which skimp on training or lack the comprehensive experience to fully train a coach to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

5 Things to Offer if You Want to Become a Life Coach Coach

Do you want to be successful and earn the salary of life coach coaches? Here are a few things you should make sure to offer in your life coach training.

  • Fundamentals. All programs offer coaching skills, tools, and information. You want to make certain that you are as comprehensive as possible when it comes to teaching coaching skills and tools.
  • Process. Teach a process of coaching so your students get best understand the flow. Learning how to properly use assessments and how to apply coaching tools and interpersonal skills will lead to various beneficial processes.
  • Certification and Accreditation. Your program should offer a valuable certification, and you should strive to achieve International Coach Federation (ICF), which is the gold standard for coach training programs.
  • Operating a business. Not all programs offer this – if you can find room in your curriculum for business training, you will be one step ahead of many other coach training programs. The salary of a life coaching professional may depend as much on their business skills as their coaching skills.
  • Marketing and promotion. The success rate of students and the long-term salary of life coach coaches depends on the ability to market and promote. As a coach training school, you need to effectively promote and market your business. However, you also need to teach your students how to market so they can find success in the coaching business.

The Best Salary of Life Coach Coaches

Some life coaches do very well, while other struggle to make it in this competitive industry. But, to boost your salary in the life coaching business, it pays to begin mentoring and teaching other coaches. That’s where the money is!

One Secret to Making More Money Training Life Coaches

The one secret is to be honest, and here’s what you should be honest about: most successful life coaches make a small percentage of their income by one-on-one personal coaching.

That’s right – personal, one-on-one coaching is not the most significant money maker. Group coaching, monthly discounts, email and phone coaching, webinars, seminars, workshops, writing books, creating DVDs, and licensing your intellectual property are all ways that successful coaches boost their incomes.

If you can be honest and tell your students the truth about how to make real money in life coaching, you will attract more students, and make more money! The salary of life coach coaches depends on being honest and telling it like it is! If you can do that, you’ll be on the way to becoming a successful life coach trainer!

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