Making the Most of A Relationship Coach Certification

Having a relationship coach certification can put you in the middle of some battles…or in the middle of a romantic comedy movie. With this certification, you will be working with couples or singles who want to be become part of a couple. In that line of work, you’ll see some battles, but you’ll also help create some beautiful stories.

Relationship Coach Certification
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Talk is Cheap, Money Matters, and Sex Makes the World Go Round

According to many studies, there are three main reasons couple fight:

  • Communication
  • Money
  • Sex

Communication. To be a successful relationship coach, you’ll need to help couples communicate. Earning a relationship coach certification should offer valuable knowledge and tools which will help you enhance a couple’s communication abilities.

Money. What couple hasn’t argued over finances? To be able to find the outcomes your clients seek, you’ll have to be a little bit of a money coach. If your relationship coaching certification program doesn’t cover money at all, I suggest taking a class or seminar geared to money coaches. You don’t have to be an expert but having some of the tools and exercises that money coaches use will help your practice evolve and grow.

Sex. Everyone’s favorite! Or, the one subject people hate to talk about! But, in many cases, sex will be on the top of the list. You’ll have to be comfortable talking about intimate details. If not, relationship coaching might not be the right gig for you.

Relationship Coaching isn’t All About Couples

Did you know that you can work with singles as a relationship coach? Most people don’t think about that, but many coaches work with partly, or even exclusively with singles. Often this type of coach is called a dating coach. When you get a certification, you can select to work with couples or singles.

Make the Most of a Relationship Coach Certification

Here’s how to make the most of your certification and get your practice off to a great start:

  • If you feel anything was missing from the program you took, don’t hesitate to fill in the blanks in your knowledge. Perhaps you need a business course or a money coach course. Carefully analyze your knowledge base and fill in any gaps.
  • Decide who you want to coach. Couples, singles, a specific group of people? Do a careful analysis on the target market – is it large enough, do they have the disposable income to afford your fees, what competition exists?
  • A relationship coach certification isn’t the end of the line for a coach. Even if you feel there is no immediate gaps in your knowledge base, your education never stops. Being a constant learner is an important attribute of a successful coach.
  • A relationship coach certification doesn’t confine you to a specific geographical area. In the digital age, you can reach across the world for new clients. This requires you to have a workable understanding of online platforms, social media, email coaching, and video creation and uploading. In this day and age, with a little extra technical knowledge, you can take your relationship coaching to the world!

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