Psychology In Coaching The Mental Picture

By developing your psychology in coaching, it will help to manifest the tangible results of your mental pictures. Beliefs are embedded deep within your psychology. While coaching, behavior patterns begin to show up and this is an indicator of your beliefs system. This is all tied into your psychology. A positive self-concept allows for grow and encouragement. Just as a negative self-concept tends to slow you down and discourages success.

How Does Psychology In Coaching Work?

The key to doing anything is focus. Working on your psychology is no different. Your self-concept or your self-image is the mental picture of yourself. Lets relate this to a topic everyone can relate to-money. Ok, now that I have you attention, I didn’t want you to be bored…psychology in coaches training.

So here’s a question for you: If you received a large amount of money, won it in the lottery or your yearly income became you monthly income, how would that make you feel? Most people would say great, amazing or terrific. The reality is, if your old self-concept is still in place you will feel uncomfortable and you will make poor decisions, invest in things you know nothing about or find ways to get back to your comfort zone.

Coaching Develops a Healthy Self-Image

The psychology in coaching is to help build a positive and healthy self-image. You do this by choosing a new image of yourself, a picture in your mind of your future self. Let’s use your ideal body as an example. Decide what you would really like to look like. You can create any type of body you desire. You have a great imagination so use it. See yourself in clear detail. Paint a vivid picture in your mind. Be bold and courageous with your new you concept. This is the starting point of psychology in coaching and will serve as a lasting change.

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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  1. says

    Great analogy with money there. When you shift gears in any area of your life too quickly, your identity no longer matches your surroundings. Your mentality needs to keep up with your physical reality in order to be effective in your new state.

  2. Jeffrey T. Sooey says

    No doubt. A good strategy is nice. A plan helps. But if your psychology doesn’t keep up, you’re not going to last in that new level of standard. Each growth in strategy must be accompanied by an equivalent psychology.

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