Why You Should Consider Becoming a NLP Life Coach

A NLP life coach is a coach who uses the power of neuro-linguistic programming in their life coaching business to maximize the results they achieve with their clients. NLP processes can be integrated with life coaching and also be applied in different contexts. For example, a process used for motivation can be applied to motivational skills in career, home, relationships, and sports. A life coach who uses neuro-linguistic programming in their coaching practice can magnify their effectiveness and … [Read more...]

Life Coaching Tips To Create Powerful Long Term Motivation: Using NLP Life Coach Techniques To Link Pleasure With Taking Action

Rewards are One NLP Life Coach Technique You Can Use in Life Coaching How do you increase your life coaching clients’ motivation over the long term?  Not just through weekly accountability, but with techniques that will really change their lives?  One NLP life coach technique you can use is reward systems.  This is a simple NLP life coach technique that will constantly increase your life coaching client’s motivation and decrease their tendency to procrastinate.  The key is to help your life … [Read more...]

Becoming a Career Coach: NLP Life Coach Training Tips You Can Use to Make Sure You Win the Game

can be a bit of a bumpy road.  What NLP life coach techniques can you use to help overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come up?  Two key NLP life coach techniques you can use are “Pre-Frames” and “Re-Frames”.  What are they and how will they make the road to becoming a career coach smoother? NLP Life Coach Techniques for Becoming a Career Coach: Pre-Frames Pre-Frames are one of the great NLP life coach techniques to assure that you always win the game. Whether the game is becoming a … [Read more...]