Becoming a Career Coach: NLP Life Coach Training Tips You Can Use to Make Sure You Win the Game

can be a bit of a bumpy road.  What NLP life coach techniques can you use to help overcome the obstacles that will inevitably come up?  Two key NLP life coach techniques you can use are “Pre-Frames” and “Re-Frames”.  What are they and how will they make the road to becoming a career coach smoother?

NLP Life Coach Techniques for Becoming a Career Coach: Pre-Frames

Pre-Frames are one of the great NLP life coach techniques to assure that you always win the game. Whether the game is becoming a career coach or coaching clients.  For example, when most people think of an outcome they think, “If this doesn’t work out, I’m going to be really disappointed.”  Their mind sets up for being disappointment.  But what if “winning” meant that you took action or that you enjoyed the process?  You could set up the definition of winning as that you learned something in the process.

NLP Life Coach Techniques for Becoming a Career Coach: Re-Frames

Re-Frames are a NLP life coach tool that can be used to help overcome adversity.  What is a Re-Frame?  It’s a way to shift the perception of something after or while it’s happening.  Sometimes you can’t plan ahead and the outcome costs you something.  For example, what if you missed your airline flight?  You could think, “I just lost $350 that I can’t afford to loose!  What might this look like from the point of view of someone who is becoming a career coach who can Re-Frame this problem?  What if you ask a new question or changed your focus.  You might choose to think, “This is a great reminder that there are things more important than money” or “This can really motive me so that $350 is not a lot of money.”

How else can you use Re-Frames as you start becoming a career coach?  You can use this NLP life coach technique to help your clients as well.  For example if your client is suddenly aware that they owe over $10,000.  You can help them Re-Frame and see this event from a new perspective.  For example, “Wow!  I must have made a lot of money to have such a high tax bill.”

Other examples of Re-Frames include:

  • What can I learn from this?
  • How can this serve me/others?
  • What’s funny about this?

Becoming a career coach means that you have to walk your talk and use what you’re teaching.  Instead of focusing on how a prospect just rejected you, you’re not making enough money, those people think you’re a fruit cake, you don’t know how you’re going to make it; you can use NLP life coach techniques to Re-Frame those thoughts.  By choosing your focus, you can make sure you win the game and take action that will help you achieve your goals.

Collete Seymann

JTS Advisors Designated Accountability Coach

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