Why You Should Consider Becoming a NLP Life Coach

A NLP life coach is a coach who uses the power of neuro-linguistic programming in their life coaching business to maximize the results they achieve with their clients. NLP processes can be integrated with life coaching and also be applied in different contexts. For example, a process used for motivation can be applied to motivational skills in career, home, relationships, and sports. A life coach who uses neuro-linguistic programming in their coaching practice can magnify their effectiveness and enhance their results.

What is NLP and Why Does it Matter?

NLP was created in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and it has been used in sales, business, and athletics. It is an approach to personal development, communication, and psychotherapy that uses the neurological processes, language, and behavior that has been learned through experience.

NLP developed from behavior modeling, which is where children learn from “modeling” the behaviors from the adults around them. John Grinder and Richard Bandler took behavior modeling to the next level by seeking out the most successful people in various fields in order to discover the structure and expertise of success and model their behavior. This programming and modeling can be effective in guiding people toward their dreams.

What Does a NLP Life Coach Do?

A NLP life coach can use techniques that incorporate nero-linguistic programming to ameliorate many areas of a client’s life. It works in both the personal and professional realms to help clients overcome fear, anxiety, phobias, guilt, low self-esteem, obesity, and many other issues that prevent people from realizing their dreams. It can also help with goal setting, stress reduction, public speaking, relationships, accelerated learning, forming good habits, and study skills.

As an NLP life coach, there are certain core beliefs that cab be absorbed and integrated into a coaching practice to help achieve maximum results with clients and expand a coaching practice.

  • There is no failure – there is only feedback. Using failure as feedback will push clients toward success.
  • Clients will not resist if communication is flexible, adaptive, and effective. Communication begins with the coach.
  • People are not the product of their behaviors. Behavior can be changed. Change the behavior, change the person.
  • Though behavior is not the sole identifying trait of clients, their behaviors are vital pieces of information which can be used to help them change.
  • Clients have all the resources they need to succeed – you are a facilitator and a motivator.

NLP life coaches integrate these core beliefs with their other coaching skills and techniques to create a powerful catalyst for change. A NLP life coach can achieve dramatic and rapid results by providing a framework that involves incredible communication and the ability to help clients refocus on certain aspects of their lives that are holding them back. By changing habits and patterns, clients can quickly transform their lives.

What really makes neuro-linguistic programming a viable process in life coaching is that it covers a wide range of territory – it includes specific techniques, a body of knowledge, and an attitude. It is based on the way people truly think and behave and is more reality-based than theoretical. The early developers of NLP believed that one of the fundamental truths is that we make our own reality and as a NLP life coach you can use that fundamental belief to help clients carve out whatever reality they can dream.

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