Keep Your New Year Resolutions With Motivation Coaching

Motivation coaching can really help with sticking to New Year's resolutions. No matter how important they are, New Year's resolutions are often blocked and defeated in the first month or two. Yet pretty much everyone makes them because they think that just making the resolutions provides enough motivation to follow through on them. Unfortunately that usually just isn't true. Think about your own experiences with New Year's resolutions. How did they work out for you? Motivation Coaching Tips For … [Read more...]

Are You Too Kind-Hearted For Motivation Coaching?

Are you tough enough for motivation coaching? People can be motivated towards something they want or away from something they don't want. Sad though it may be, most people's strongest motivation is the “away from” variety. That means you have to help your client find so much pain in doing what she's already doing and in not getting the result she wants, that she'll do whatever is necessary to change. So think about it and answer honestly. Are you tough enough to take her there? Motivation … [Read more...]