Business Coaching Models: How to Choose The Best One

3 Wealth Tips from a Wealth Coach

Are you a wealth coach? If so, listen up to these three important tips you can offer your clients that will help them understand how to get wealth. What Wealth Coaches Don't Do You don't give your clients the latest greatest stock tips, do you? This is definitely not something a wealth coach does. You don't push products in your practice – buy this stock, get in on this super fund, here’s some great property you should buy – do you? If so, you are more of a salesperson than a coach. You … [Read more...]

Achieving the Million Dollar Coach Intensive Dream

The Difference Between Wealth Coaches and Financial Advisers

Wealth coaches are not financial advisers – let me get that out of the way first. The guy who manages your brokerage account is not a financial coach and the person who answers the phone when you call your discount stock broker is definitely not a wealth coach. A Wealth Coach Does Not Give Financial Advice Well, this statement isn't exactly true. A financial coach is actually a source of unending financial advice, it is just a bit different than the advice you receive from a broker or a … [Read more...]

How Wealth Coaching Will Help You Become Wealthy

Wealth coaching is for everyone. One percenters. The forty-seven percent. Everyone can use a little wealth coaching. If you are not one of the 1%, you will really benefit from the use of a wealth coach. Who knows…a wealth coach may even help you become wealthy! What is a Wealth Coach? A wealth coach is someone who has been trained in all financial areas and will help you change bad financial behaviors and maximize positive opportunities. A good money coach will help you eliminate debt, … [Read more...]

What Does a Money Coach Do and Why You Need One!

What does a money coach do? If you are asking this question, there is a good chance you might need one What Does a Money Coach Do – the Short Answer A money coach helps each client gain an understanding of their finances and together they create ways to reach the client's financial goals. Why a Money Coach? Do you carry credit card balances month to month to month? If so, you just might need a money coach. Is your credit score lower than the batting averages of most major league baseball … [Read more...]

What is a Money Coach and Should You Hire One?

One of the best questions you can ask is: What is a money coach? The next question would be: Should I hire one? What is a Money Coach? A money coach offers individually designed financial plans, for businesses, individuals, or families. They can provide various services, but most offer financial analysis, planning, budgeting, and help with retirement savings. People believe life coaches can help them improve their lives and wellness coaches can improve their health. It seems logical for … [Read more...]

What Would You want Your Money Coach to Do?

When you start your financial coaching business, one of the best ways to begin is to think about what you would want your money coach to do? If you were hiring someone to help with finances and help you learn to manage your money, what would you want your money coaching sessions to entail? What topics, what skills, what information would you want to cover? This advice is especially important for financial coaches just starting out in the business. You have presumably taken a coaching course … [Read more...]

Your Money Coach Financial Services – Tips for a Money Coach

Your money coach financial services are an important factor in clients selecting to work with you. All money coaches should determine what they can and cannot offer for their clients before hanging out their shingle as a coach. Your money coach financial services can be diverse and broad-based, or they can be narrow and fit nicely in to a selected niche. There is a growing demand for financial coaches today. With financial inequality increasing and the cost of goods and services on the rise, … [Read more...]

Advice From Your Money Coach Network – You May Need a Money Coach

Your money coach network – which can be anything you use to obtain advice on financial issues is a great way to learn about investing, loans, budgets, expenses, and anything and everything that has to do with personal or business finances. However, your money coach network – the websites you visit, the stock brokerage you use, the friends and co-workers you talk with, the neighbor who gives you a hot stock tip, the financial adviser at your work – may not be enough for some … [Read more...]

Wealth Coaches Really Do Have More Fun!

It is the topic of wealth that helps wealth coaches have more fun. This is because wealth coaching involves helping people achieve and deal with wealth. It is not the same as being a financial coach, and the difference is more than just semantics. Be Smart and Take a Lesson from a Friend of Mine I have a friend who is a PhD-level psychologist. I won’t go into the details except to say that he is extraordinarily well credentialed. Basically, within the field of psychology, he can work with … [Read more...]

Fiscal Cliff to Sequestration – Is the Wealth Coach Now a Necessity?

Has the wealth coach become a necessity in these difficult, and roller coaster economic times? Since the financial crash in 2008, the economy has been a major concern for everyone. Economic news dominates radio, television, and the Internet. Politicians yell, pundits rant, and bold headlines shout at at us the wretched news about our miserable economy. With our country going from fiscal cliff to fiscal cliff, the concept of wealth, who has it and who doesn't have it, who needs it and who wants … [Read more...]