Finding A Resolution Using Conflict Coaching

Finding a resolution using conflict coaching mitigates time, energy and money. Any time you’re involved with a level of conflict it drains you. It mainly drains your focus and energy and a coaching just could be the answer. Conflict coaches are trained to develop strategies in order to mediate the conflict in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of damage.

So What Is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is much like mediation where two or more parties come to together to resolve their issues or concerns. Coaches develop sound communication skills and are in tune with the power of emotions at a heightened state of awareness. During the conflict coaching and resolutions process many factors fall into play. Conflict coaches would benefit from spending time reading and learning about different cultures. This would allow for a deeper connection with the client by being able to empathize and effectively communicate across cultures. In this discover of cross cultural communication one learns more about themselves.

Gather Feedback During Your Conflict Coaching Sessions.

What is feedback in the first place? Through conflict coaching we learn that feedback is the verbal or non-verbal communication that is shared during the process of how our behavior is affecting or influencing others. Conflict coaches set up an environment that really allows for an open dialog and feedback is the mechanism that provides the insight. It is in this portion of the communication that the underlining issues are revealed.

In order for feedback to be productive it needs to be specific and focused on the behavior not the person. When the person is attacked and not the behavior, the person often times becomes defensive and this slows down the process.

Basically there are three things you can do with feedback.
1. Think about what was just shared.
2. Use it to become a more effective person.
3. Forget about it and go about your business.

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Mark Rabbitt
JTS Advisors Accountability Coach

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