Priceless Behavior Coaching Changes Lives Forever

Behavior coaching is priceless because you’ll never be left wondering how your sometimes haphazard behavior impacts the way people treat you, greet you, and what causes them to stick around or leave you hanging after you spend time coaching with a behavior coach. The first step of any come to Jesus moment is to confess you have a problem. If you want priceless relationships that lift your spirits and incredible ones that take you places that you’ve never been, then you need a behavior coach … [Read more...]

Marketing for Coaches from a Deeper Perspective

Psychology Coaching Tips: Top Ten Behavior Coaching Techniques to Get Your Client Into Action

Behavior coaching, or coaching your client by helping them change their behavior, is the hardest type of coaching from what I’ve seen from the coaches I work with.  Coaches will tell me (and these are coaches that have masters in business or psychology), “coaching my clients to change their habits is impossible”.  The funny thing is that these are very smart people that know what to tell their clients for them to get better results, but if the coaching client doesn’t take action, then so … [Read more...]