Priceless Behavior Coaching Changes Lives Forever

Behavior coaching is priceless because you’ll never be left wondering how your sometimes haphazard behavior impacts the way people treat you, greet you, and what causes them to stick around or leave you hanging after you spend time coaching with a behavior coach. The first step of any come to Jesus moment is to confess you have a problem.

If you want priceless relationships that lift your spirits and incredible ones that take you places that you’ve never been, then you need a behavior coach who can train you to communicate masterfully with your old and new relationships.

Behavior coaching is simply communication coaching. You telegraph your thoughts, feelings, and emotions to others through your facial expressions, the way you stand, and your style of speaking.

Who have you offended or pissed off lately? Have you recently lost an important sale or client account?

When you can create a new relationship that grows and prospers today with all the challenges that so many of your family, friends, and new acquaintances are facing, it’s a blessing if you can train yourself to always come from a place of love and open-mindedness when speaking with them.

4 Priceless Ways Behavior Coaching Will Help You Become a Progressive Communicator

My coaching goal here is to give you 4 simple interaction tools you can rely on to rise above misunderstandings in your relationships. These 4 tools are powerful and they will permanently change your perceptions of people in your life.

If you familiarize yourself with the communication styles preferred by other people, you’ll quickly become an effective communicator with them. Now you will have to practice being flexible in changing up your communication style with others who may have a different behavioral style from you.

Your willingness to be flexible and your drive to interpret the communication needs of others is the reason why you’ll easily attract people who lift your spirits and take you places you’ve never even imagined.

With these 4 behavior coaching techniques, you will be able to positively change the perceptions of the people you want to influence to your point of view, give them love and receive love from them, and you’ll be confident you can depend on them to support you.

The 4 Keys to Priceless Behavior Change


When you’re speaking to a person who is needy, tidy, old-school, obsessive, careful and plays by the rules:

Behavior coaching recommends that you know what you will say in advance. Stick to what they want to talk about and be ready to back up your statements with hard facts. Be accurate and realistic and never exaggerate.

You should never Be scatter brained, careless, relaxed, and loud because that’ll surely turn them off.

What will for sure tick them off is you wasting their time with your small talk, and being disorganized or messy.


When speaking to a person who is go-getting, influential, determined, strong-willed, autonomous, and goal-oriented you’ll need to be clear, exact, concise, and get to the point fast.

Behavior coaching suggests that you stick to what interests them. Give them your best insights about the subjects which benefit them. Be ready with sources you can refer to like books you’ve read and famous people you’ve studied, and then share with them your thoughts and beliefs in a logical fashion.

Now how you will for sure quickly turn off these men and women is by Talking about things that are not important to the topic they’re most interested in talking about at the moment.

They’ll always hate when you dodge the issue by not taking a firm stand, or taking a confusing position, or act as if you’re higgledy-piggledy.


When speaking to a person who is tolerant, obvious, trustworthy, stable, calm, and humble you should start with a personal comment that’ll break the ice. Take a soft approach, be nonthreatening and be logical.

Behavior coaching advises that you earn their trust and share with them proven advice and ideas.

You can piss this group of men and women off by rushing headlong into a deep discussion or by being bossy or challenging. One of the worst things you should avoid is forcing them to respond quickly to your questions.


When speaking to a person who is attractive, energetic, friendly, expressive, and opinionated you should offer them a warm, friendly environment. Don’t bore them with a lot of details, unless they ask for the information.

The best behavior coaching advice you need to know is to share examples from people they see as having value.

You should never offend them by being rude, cold or tight-lipped.

The other no-no is you controlling the conversation and pushing facts and figures, too many alternatives, and big ideas.

These 4 behavior coaching tools will be invaluable for you right away if you seriously apply all 4 coaching tools in your business and professional relationships.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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  1. Loren says

    Hi Jeffrey,

    These are very valuable strategies to develop and incorporate into our communication styles. The most difficult strategy for me has always been around “having my buttons pushed” and still remaining flexible and non-judgemental, of myself or others! It’s been a life-long lesson for me to remain silent when necessary in that type of situation and it takes a lot of self-talk and practise! Writing out and integrating beforehand what I will say and how I will approach the situation helps to ideally come from a position of giving, open-mindedness, respect and non-judgement. Sometime I wish the world were more ideal as I continue to learn and grow in realm of communication!

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