Becoming a Job Coach for the Disabled

Becoming a job coach for the disabled might put you in a great niche within the coaching industry. Being in a niche means you are specializing within the coaching industry. Finding the right niche makes you the proverbial big fish in a small pond. It also gives you a chance to make some great money. Coaches Want More Than Money Everyone needs money, but there is more to a career than making money. That's what makes coaching such a great career – not only is there an opportunity to earn a … [Read more...]

Three Keys to Success in Becoming a Job Coach

There is more to becoming a job coach than just being able to find your client a job, even a good job. As with almost every profession, how well you meet your client’s needs in the longer term is the real measure of success. Here are three keys to building a big business and making a lot of money, as a job coach. Make Sure there Is a Superstar Match on Values I believe that to be a really successful job coach, you need to be a skilled assessment coach. From your client’s assessment you can … [Read more...]