Three Keys to Success in Becoming a Job Coach

There is more to becoming a job coach than just being able to find your client a job, even a good job. As with almost every profession, how well you meet your client’s needs in the longer term is the real measure of success. Here are three keys to building a big business and making a lot of money, as a job coach.

Make Sure there Is a Superstar Match on Values

I believe that to be a really successful job coach, you need to be a skilled assessment coach. From your client’s assessment you can learn the values are most important to your client. Both how they score individual values and how they rank values relative to one another. Are they relatively high or low in utilitarian, theoretical, aesthetic, social, individualistic, traditional values. But your client is only half of the equation. What are the strong and weaker values for the superstars at a particular job? By understanding the superstars and your client, you can predict the success and fulfillment that you client will experience in any particular position.

Becoming a Job Coach Master Takes Style

That’s right, becoming a job coach master takes style. You need to understand your client’s natural and adaptive styles. And you have to know the styles – often referred to as their DISC scores – of the historically really successful people in a particular job.

Without the Right Personal Talent Skills, Values and Style Are Not enough for Success

The final element, again available through assessment, is your client’s Personal Talent Skills Inventory. This includes “Judgment and Self Direction,” “Practical Thinking and Role Awareness,” “Empathic Outlook and Sense of Self.”Without the right level in each skill area, to match the skill levels of the superstars, it is unlikely your client will be the best fit for the position. And your client will either fail, outright, or suffer a long stint in a job that brings increased stress and mediocre results. So if you are thinking of becoming a job coach, you really have to make a commitment to master the assessment coaching process, for your clients’ success and your own.

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Dave Iuppa
JTS Advisors Strategy and Accountability Coach

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  1. Theuns says

    Hi Jeffrey

    To be a coach you need to know your trade, so i agree with you “You need to understand your client’s natural and adaptive styles.” if you don’t know how to work with people it will not help you to be a coach.


  2. Jen @ Yellow Bird Blogs says

    Following on what Theuns says above, I’d also add that you need to have at least a basic working knowledge of the job(s) your client is considering. If you have no idea, say, of how an occupational therapist actually spends his or her days, it will be very difficult to appropriately advise a client who’s considering work in this field.

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