Six Business Coach Marketing Strategies For Your Coaching Practice

Business coach marketing strategies are vital to building thriving coaching practices. 

You have been a business coach for six weeks or six months, and things do not seem to be moving as expected! If this is your situation, let me share six business coaching marketing tactics proven to work.

Business Coaching & The Business Coach

Many CEOs and business owners have taken advantage of business coaching services in today’s marketplace to help grow their organizations. Business coaching is a mutual relationship between a business owner or top executive and a professional coach to strategically develop a successful business. The business coach is a trained coaching professional who typically has a background in business. The Business Coach helps clarify business objectives and assist clients in developing the necessary skills and obtaining the appropriate tools needed to operate a successful business entity.

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6 Practical Business Coach Marketing Tactics That Works

  1. Social Media Platforms – Using social media platforms to promote your business. In the last year, sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram have proven to be quite beneficial to life coaches, as well as marketing, and business coaches. These platforms help build credibility, and it’s a great place to share articles, videos, and other valuable resources.  
  1. Joining Facebook Groups: In addition to the above, there are also online groups. It is necessary to go where your target clients hang out, and Facebook groups are a great place to start. Coaches in the field have stated that FB groups are one of the fastest ways to build a relationship with your ideal clients and position yourself as an expert. People in these groups are talking about their needs, and daily challenges. Read posts, comments and respond to them using your skills and expertise. 
  1. Networking Events – Attending gatherings where your ideal clients are most likely going to be is a terrific idea. Locate meet-up events, conferences, seminars in your area and volunteer to be one of the speakers. Choose events where your clients are. As a business coach, you are looking for CEOs of companies, business leaders, business owners; find out the typical gatherings they attend and go there equipped with everything you need to market yourself and your business. 
  1. Business Cards: Displaying and giving out business cards are still one of the most affordable ways of marketing your business. Talk to the small businesses in your area; most of the time, they are okay with you displaying your business information e.g brochures in their establishments.
  1. Developing a Business Website: A website is a valuable tool for both current and prospective clients. It is where the most recent information on you and your business is displayed. Creating a business website is an awesome business coach marketing strategy to attract your deal clients.
  1. Creating a Blog Page: Blogging is one of the best marketing strategies for exposure and branding. Demonstrate to prospective clients that you are experts in the field and can be relied on for guidance. 

It is one thing to get the clients, and it’s another thing to keep them coming back. One or more of these business coach marketing strategies will definitely promote your practice, but it is essential to do whatever is necessary to retain your clients. Keeping your current clients satisfied helps grow your business in a seamless manner.  

Margaret K. Olubiyi
Life Coach
Writer, Coaches Training Blog community

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